What is thanksgiving, really?

Well, it’s about giving thanks. What is thanks? Thanks is a arcane method whereby we express appreciation to someone or something for something that we’ve received. Here’s where it gets complicated, though… What is appreciation? Appreciation is the act of appreciating. Without appreciation, you can’t put value on anything in your life. What am I giving thanks for this season?

I’m giving thanks for my health and for all the folks who helped me regain it these past couple months. I’m giving thanks for my family and friends who have helped me make it through 26 months of unemployment. I’m giving thanks for people I don’t even know who’ve helped me with their taxes and subsidies which go to support the programs that I’ve had to depend on lately… food assistance, medical assistance, etc.

Some of you out there might be thinking that you don’t have anything for which to be thankful. Well, you’re wrong. Be thankful for that breath of air you took first thing this morning. Be thankful that you were here to take that breath. The alternative is… well, unknown. No matter how bad off you are, someone somewhere is worse off. I guarantee it. Appreciate whatever you have.

This holiday message brought you to by… me.



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