… well, early afternoon would be more accurate.

Bleeting and palpitations fellow Romans…

It’s been a while, but I’m BAAA-AAACK! I don’t know how consistently I’ll be posting here nor how interesting those articles will be. However, I invite you to stop on in and sample the mess occasionally. You never know… I might come up with a gem or two every now and then.

I had fun blogging for a short while over at Chris P.’s LockerGnome site, but due to some issues with Google Adsense, I put that blog out to pasture. Besides, it was too tech-oriented with all that talk of Linux and cloud computing. I wanted a blog where I can just talk about whatever. There are no ads here. I’m not trying to make a buck. I’m just rambling on…

So what will I be writing about here? Well, probably a bit of everything… Linux, politics, books, motorcycles, cats, etc. I have varied interests. One day I might be writing here about some silly escapade one of my cats got into and the next I’ll be ranting on about some slime-sucking, bottom-feeding politician. It could be interesting… or not.

Well, I have other things to do at the moment, so I’ll be signing off for now. Y’all have a great day!



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  1. Awesome Eric! Great to see ya here on WordPress!

  2. Maybe you can post your Pieces of Nine here too, please?

  3. Very nice!!! Bookmarked and added the feed to my homepage.

  4. Steven C. Noriega says:

    Thanks for the invite, Uncle Odie! Hope you’re feeling well. We’re planning a trip down in February. You’re on the list to visit.


    • Ah… honorable nephew-san! I have unlimited long distance on my phone now. I’ll be giving you a call sometime soon just to catch up. Looking forward to your visit in Feb.

  5. Great to see you here, Eric! Blog duly bookmarked. I’ll be dropping in often!

  6. PS I’ve added you to the list of links on my blog page.

  7. Pilgrim says:

    I have not had much experience with “bloggers” but certainly will BM this site and be back to “peek” in from time to time. Thanks for the invite

  8. chrisretusn says:

    Nice to see you blogging again Eric. I’ve added your blog to my RSS reader, RSSOwl (<< shameful plug) 🙂

  9. PsiCop says:

    Eric, you talk about “slime-sucking, bottom-feeding politicians” as though there are some politicians who are not this way. But aren’t ALL politicians slime-sucking, bottom feeders? You may as well talk about things like “wealthy millionaires” or “athletic basketball players,” where the adjective is an assumed part of the thing you’re talking about.

    • Heh! There might be a couple noble politicians, but my guess is they’re probably in local politics. By the time they get to the big leagues, after feeding at the public trough for years, they’re pretty far gone.

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