Revival by Stephen King

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

DAYUM! This was a wonderful story! Of course, it’s what we always expect from Mr. King. I try to not use 5-Star ratings too excessively because it devalues the rating process. However, some books just must have all five of those stars. This is one of them.

In the intro portion of this book S.K. thanks some folks…

This book is for some of the people who built my house:

Mary Shelley
Bram Stoker
H. P. Lovecraft
Clark Ashton Smith
Donald Wandrei
Fritz Leiber
August Derleth
Shirley Jackson
Robert Bloch
Peter Straub

And ARTHUR MACHEN, whose short novel The Great God Pan has haunted me all my life.

I’ve always known and seen the influence of these authors in all of King’s works… and appreciated it greatly due to the fact that each one of those folks he mentions have been lifelong favorites of mine.

It takes a modicum of intellect, talent, ambition, life experiences, and luck to be a successful writer. For exceptional writers, such as Mr. King, those items above must be present in abundance!

This is a tidy little book, just 300 or so pages; smallish by King standards. However, the really awesome writers in this world can still twist up a plot and flesh out believable characters even in short stories. King does an amazing job of both in this story.

While I’ll not give you a synopsis here of the book’s plot, I will say that in it you will clearly see the influences of every one of those authors in King’s list above; most particularly H. P. Lovecraft. I found this book to be the closest King has ever come to a Lovecraftian story line and imagery.

If you’re a fan of any of the authors on the above list, you will most definitely want to give this S.K. book a spin. It will wring you out like an old washcloth by the time you turn that last page.

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