Dateline: 16-17 August, 2022

Lead story in today’s issue of…

The Bacchanalian Times

Was a HOT time in the ol’ house with the ol’ folks last night. Witnesses describe an elderly man and woman dancing around from room to room whilst playing air guitars and screaming out lyrics to old 1970s Rock & Roll songs. A cat, who did not seem too impressed with this display of human idiocy, was also seen on the premises. Fun was had by all (except, possibly, the cat) it seems. Memories were made; and just as quickly forgotten. Authorities suspect excessive amounts of alcohol and other things may have been involved.

This reporter, upon initial interview with the elderly man this morning, gleaned some interesting wisdom from said man regarding those two ancient oft-asked questions, “Why not?” and “What fuckin’ bus hit me?” The man states that he now comprehends the true meaning of these questions and has concluded that he’s getting too old for this shit. However, as he also confessed, these lessons seem have the same shelf life as the “memories”.

And that’s all for today, gentle readers. Have a wonderful day!

The Drunken Couple by Jan Steen | – The Encyclopedia of Fine Arts

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