A few years back, I was sitting here at this desk listening to some mellow music and reminiscing about an old friend whom I hadn’t talked to in a few years. I occasionally used to send her an email or, in this case, write a blog post. I never got any replies from the emails and I doubted she ever saw anything that I posted here. I was just writing to the void, as I’ve been known to do from time to time. This was what I wrote that night (Dear…). We had drifted apart due to nothing specific that either of us could have actually pinpointed as a reason. It just happened.

Nine years ago, I had a thought going through my mind whilst writing “Dear…” that night. It was a lyric from a favorite Bob Seger song…

“I remember, I remember, I remember...”

Well, fast forward to about two months ago (5 June, 2022). It was a Sunday evening. I was sitting here drinking some bourbon and relaxing. I was also listening to my Mellowness Playlist on YouTube and I heard the first few notes of one of the songs on that list. It was The Righteous Brothers singing Unchained Melody. I immediately thought, “I ought to send her an email.” So, I did; not for one minute thinking that she’d see it or reply… ever.

This is all I sent to her in that email:

I figure if I keep sending these messages, one day… one day, I might get a reply.

So, the next day, I get up and do the usual morning baloney. Afterwards, I turn this on “soul-sucking box” to check emails and surf around here and there for a while. As the email program is downloading messages, I happen to see an email pop up in the Inbox; it’s from her! I almost fell out of the chair. I clicked on it…

Wow, I rarely check this email, usually just have junk sent here. I was just thinking about you last night….believe it or not…..at about 6p (my time).

This is the first email I’ve seen from you since 1829, lol.

This woman and I have known each other for 44 years. We were 16 years old when we first met. We’ve had a very special friendship over those years. It’s been an off and on kind of thing, but serendipity, synchronicity, or the fates have always conspired to get us back together somehow and some time down the road.

But wait… it gets weirder. It turns out that while she was sitting at her house that Sunday evening five hundred or so miles away from me, she was thinking about me and listening to Unchained Melody.

Click-Clack! Bam!

It was like this fine mesh of gears in some universal clock just snicked into place and it all came together. When we talked on the phone shortly after the email exchange on Monday, we realized how sync’d we were at that moment on Sunday evening. It was literally breathtaking.

Since that day two months ago, she and I have talked nearly every day. It’s like not a minute was lost from our friendship. We just prattled on like we’d seen each other a couple days before instead of the nearly 20 years that it has actually been. We’ve both very much enjoyed this time we’ve spent laughing, reminiscing, and sniffling a bit… but mostly laughing!

I’ve been so blessed with good friends in this life. This lady is most assuredly one of them. I’m hoping for many, many more years of conversation and laughter with her!

And time goes by so slowly
And time can do so much
Are you still mine?



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