Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I could not rate this book with enough stars. Yes, as I’ve said many times in many reviews, books are a very subjective thing, like music, food, etc. Some folks may not be able to get past the first three pages of this book. That’s fine, though. Everyone has different interests and tastes.

I had to laugh after reading this book when I realized that if I’d had to rely just on the cover of the book and the title, I probably would never have bent down to pull it off the shelf in the library. However, what actually happened is that I received a “year end” summary of the best books from a Smithsonian Magazine email newsletter.

I then went to Goodreads and looked the book up. While scanning the reviews, I noticed a friend, Kenny Chaffin, had given it a wonderful review. This is what actually made me lean over and pull the book off the shelf. I’ll have to thank Kenny next time I see him because this is the second time that he’s referred me to a book/author that had life-changing effects on me; the previous instance being Loren Eiseley’s writings.

So, about this book…

It was absolutely spectacularly wonderful! If I live to be 104, I will never be able to fathom how authors like Anthony Doerr dream up these tales, nor will I understand the time and effort and suffering that these authors must go through to research and actually get their stories onto paper. It must surely be a labor of pure love. I’ve always had, as most readers probably do, an itching to write stories. Sadly, I don’t have the ambition nor the obsessive motivation that is required.

Mr. Doerr has become a new favorite author on my list. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of his offerings very soon!

NOTE: I had a much better review of this book writing itself in my head last night. I should have gotten up and written it here then. 😉

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  1. And if you would’ve got up and did a perfect review over 30 minutes you would’ve lost it just before pushing the button to post. This has happened several times over the years as you and I were reviewing items. Thank you for the recommendation. I have ordered at library and am 15th. in line.

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