Medusa’s Web by Tim Powers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For many years, my favorite Powers book was The Drawing of the Dark. However, since reading many of his more current books, I’m hard-pressed to decide on a favorite. It seems that each of the last few I’ve read are just so outstanding; getting hard to choose, for sure.

This current one here, I had to give a 5-Star review. I don’t toss out 5-Star reviews that easily. but… well… this book was definitely better than 4-Stars, and there are no fractional star options.

As I’ve said in previous Powers reviews here, if you’re a fan of Tim, you don’t need an explanation. If you’re not familiar with him, but are a fan of strange, weird, yet tantalizingly possible Fantasy/Sci-fi, I think you’ll like this book… and all his others, too.

Go ahead, you know you wanna’… grab yourself a twisted Tim Powers book and sit in your comfortable reading chair by the fire with some hot cocoa sometime in this last few weeks of winter. You won’t regret the time spent, I don’t think.

Tim Powers’ complete bibliography from Wikipedia (read the novels in publication order, if you can manage it)

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