GlimpsesGlimpses by Lewis Shiner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book can’t be described; it NEEDS to be read. It touched on all my emotions. It brought back so many memories of my youth in the 60s and later memories. It reinforced my belief that music is a universal language. Those who don’t appreciate music or understand its importance, will probably not understand this book. That’s sad because there’s much in this story that will touch many of you deeply, particularly if you lived through the turbulent times of the late 60s and beyond.

Books are subjective things, as I’ve stated often in reviews or descriptions to friends. One-book-fits-all is just as impractical as one-music-fits-all. You may or may not like this book. It’s up to YOU! I do recommend it highly, though.

When the Music’s Over – The Doors (1967)

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