On tonight’s 60 Minutes (12 April 2020) they interviewed a doctor and a nurse working up close and personal in an NYC hospital right now. The fact that the U.S. cannot supply its own healthcare workers and citizens with necessary medical supplies and medications is the fault of GREED, plain and simple.

BIG CORP aided by greasing the palms of Senators and Representatives of the U.S. Congress and others in high places, have managed over the last 25-35 years or so to move nearly ALL production of consumer goods to overseas manufacturers who use slave labor and tyrannical oversight to provide the U.S. with cheap, low-quality goods.

This country needs to learn a lesson from this. The U.S. needs to bring manufacturing back to this country; particularly for necessary items for our health, safety, and security. The citizens of this once-great country need to RISE UP and DEMAND that this trend is reversed and corrected. However, we’ve all become addicted to cheap shit in our stores, so what’s the solution here? I wish I knew…

I’m ANGRY! YOU damned well ought to be, too.


… while enriching beyond their wildest dreams those 1% motherfuckers who control 99% of this country’s wealth. Think about this. Think about it well the next time you support these companies (and the men who control them) that stock their shelves with cheap imported garbage. We are part of the problem. Sadly, when you work your asses off for chicken shit wages, the cheap imported shit is all you can afford. It’s a vicious cycle. There was a reason unions became popular. Unfortunately, many of those unions also became corrupt and forgot their prime directive: helping the workers to not be abused and misused.

And it’s NOT a Republican/Democrat thing. They’re all thieving, lying bastards. It’s OUR fault ultimately; the people governed by these toadies of the oligarchs and plutocrats in control of this country.

I find myself saying this more and more often:


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  1. slackerbarny says:

    Well spoken, old friend.

    Haven’t been to your blogs for ages since you stopped posting on the linux side of things. Hope you’re well and stay safe over there, matey.

    • All’s well… well, mostly well, anyway. Financial situation still sucks. Healthy and Safe; that counts for something, though.

      Yeah, I’ve gotten old, Barny. I’m just happy when shit works when I hit the ON button these days. I rarely tinker with things anymore. That’s pretty much why posting at Nocturnal Slacker v.1 is a bit slow.

      #Stay_Healthy! #Stay_Happy! #Stay_SAFE!

  2. slackerbarny says:

    >>Yeah, I’ve gotten old, Barny. I’m just happy when shit works when I hit the ON button these days. I rarely tinker with things anymore.<<

    Me too. Only using Slaklive these days, so much easier. And some other distros. Mainly I just want my email and Kodi to work and maintaining a full Slackware Current installation would be overkill.

    All the best, hope you'll do better on the finance front soon!

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