Nah… this one doesn’t have anything to do with gay cowboys or anything like that. It’s more literal; an actual broken sink.

My house is in different stages of deconstruction/reconstruction. It’s a long story, actually, and one not at all related to this story. So, now that we have that out of the way…

Ever have “one of those days” when you are pretty sure from the start that you probably should have just stayed in bed? Yeah… quite a few of you out there nodding, I see. Bodily wastes do occur.

Well, I got up the other morning and went into the bathroom to start my morning ablutions. It was a beautiful spring morning here in Florida. What could go wrong on such a beautiful day, right? Hmmph! Here’s what went wrong:

click for bigger pic

Yup. After brushing my teefies and combing my hair, I reached into the medicine cabinet over the sink to pull out a bottle of that manly-man smelling aftershave stuff. I dropped the bottle. The image above is a direct result of my fumbledy-fingerness. Well, that about shot that beautiful day in the ass, huh? Oh, the aftershave bottle didn’t break.

That sink is a $250+ Kohler pedestal sink that my niece gave to me after my brother and I remodeled her bathroom a couple years ago. I’m more of a Home Depot, made-in-China, $49 sink and vanity guy, you know, so I thought this sink was pretty spiffy. Unfortunately, I do not have the funds to replace it at this time.

I emailed that pic to my brother. His immediate reply was, “We can fix that!” Hmm… he and I have both always been great improvisers and innovators when it comes to fixing things or making them work in situations they weren’t designed to work in. It’s a valuable skill; one honed to razor sharpness by poverty, by the way. OK, let’s give it a try, I told him.

Today he showed up with his bag of magic adhesive goodies. He’s been a model plane hobbyist since childhood. Hobbyist isn’t a good enough word to describe it at this stage of the game. What he does with model airplanes looks more like artwork to me, but whaddo I know? My hobbies are books and eating. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, he explained the complicated engineering behind the attempt and then commenced to build the “rig” necessary to hold the pieces in place while the glues (two different kinds) set. Here’s what the rig looked like:

click for bigger pic

Alright then…

After some coffee drinking and 15 minutes or so of shooting the bull in my kitchen, we went back into the bathroom to inspect that project. It looks like… could be… it is… SUCCESS!!! Here’s a shot of the now (theoretically, as I have yet to test it) non-leaking bathroom sink:

click for bigger pic (you should know this by now πŸ˜‰ )

And there you have it. Another fine impromptu engineering marvel performed by (mostly) my brother Steve, pictured below with that look of shock on his face as he replies to me, “Of course, it’s gonna’ work!” Like I had any doubts. πŸ˜‰

I just finished lunch. I guess I’ll go brush my teefies and see if anything splashes on my toes during that operation.



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  1. ebrke says:

    So are your feet dry?

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