There’s an ugly red-eyed monster coming up behind you fast!

ARRRRRRRRGH! It’s the Tampa Bay Rays! We’ve eaten the Rangers. We’ve eaten the Indians. YUM! Now we’re coming to eat YOU!


Play ball!



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  1. OK, we have an excuse. We were tired. Man! It’s been a long week or so, you know. Lots of jet lag, celebrating, and laundry to do.

    So, Boston handed us our asses today. Big deal. We’ll be back tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Umm… I might be getting just a wee bit nervous now. Rays lose Game 2. We need to win three in a row now. Not impossible. The Rays seem to like doing things the hard way.

    • I agree, not impossible. Just damned close!

      For the record, I hadn’t expected this to happen. I was sure this series would start out 1-1 and that it would go a full 5 games. It still might, but the odds of that happening are now much lower.

      In hindsight I think the pressure the Rays have been under, and the traveling they’ve had to do, for a solid week or more, has caught up with them. They ended the season on the road; having lost the first 2 of their final series vs. the Blue Jays, their game last Sunday was a “must win” just to tie Texas. Then they had to go immediately to Arlington to beat the Rangers the next day. A travel day, then they had to win in Cleveland. Another travel day, to Beantown to play the Bosox on Friday. I know Maddon downplayed it all, but while I respect his baseball acumen and his knowledge of his own team, it simply must have worn on them.

      I also have to say the Boston fans riding Myers so hard, for as long as they have (2 games now), is excessive, and juvenile. He’s only 22 ferchrissakes and just started in the big leagues, what, around All Star time? Gimme a freaking break already!

      • Yes, I agree. The Rays must be tired after this past week or so; what with all the traveling, stress, do or die games, celebrations, etc. And yes, the Boston fans over on that right field side are riding poor Wil a bit hard. However, he seems to be handling it very well. I like that kid a lot. I sure hope they keep him around and give him a chance to mature. He could end up being THE BAT for the Rays for a long time to come. He just needs to grow into it a bit, I think.

        And about the Boston fans, they’re alright. They’re enjoying this immensely. I’m glad to see them like that. It’s been a while since they had anything to cheer about. The Red Sox had a helluva year and have some serious momentum going right now. They may very well be unstoppable. It remains to be seen. I don’t see them rolling over and playing dead, that’s for sure. They seem ready to fight tooth and nail for the ultimate this time around. Time will tell…

        A day off, a chance to sleep in their own beds, change their wardrobe, and play in their own home field might give the Rays a nice boost in morale and strength on Monday and Tuesday. If it goes to a 5th game at Fenway, the Rays may will have the momentum by then. That’s when I’d worry if I were a BoSox fan.

  3. We’re still coming atcha’ Boston! Gonna’ eat you up!

  4. It was fun while it lasted.

    Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox!

    See you next year…

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