Every writer’s nightmare.

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here. I’m not sure why that is… summer doldrums, maybe? What should I write today to fill the empty spaces?

Let’s see…

Well, I did get my bicycle back up and going, thanks to Fran. Unfortunately, it’s been way too hot outside and I’ve been way too lazy inside to go out and ride the damned thing. I did a short putt around the neighborhood this past Saturday. I used a need to return a book to the library as an excuse for the ride. It totaled only about 6 miles. That’s pretty short ride by my standards, but hey… it got me out of the house. Boy! It was hot, though.

Speaking of hot, I’m sure looking forward to some cooler weather here in West Central Florida. It’s just a few more weeks away, though. Maybe by the end of October it’ll start being nice enough to shut off the ACs (at least at night) and open the windows for some fresh air. My house has been buttoned up tight since May. I hate summertime in Florida. I used to love it as a child; hate it as an adult, though.

Oh, did I mention that I mangled up two of my fingers while working on my lawnmower a couple weeks ago. No… I didn’t mangle them how you’re thinking. I sliced open the pads of my index and middle fingers on my right hand on a very sharp hose clamp while replacing a fuel line on the mower. It was caused by a combination of impatience and carelessness; the mother and father of most accidents. Fingers much better now, though. Neosporin® is amazing shit!

I have some yard work chores coming up this weekend, too. I need to take care of my own yard. It’s gotten a bit scruffy since I last mowed it… about three weeks ago. I also took a little side job mowing a friend’s mom’s yard here in my neighborhood. She’ll pay me a couple bucks to do it. I don’t even have to take my equipment over there. She says I can use her mower, trimmer, blower, etc. Her yard is about 1/5 the size of mine. I can probably finish the entire job in about 45 minutes.

I’ve been reading a bit, as always. I finished a pretty good Dean Koontz book the other night and am now reading a Jeff Long book. I think I’ll probably review the Long book here or at Tuppence Times in the next day or so. Stay tuned. I have a book waiting for me at the library right now actually. I may hop on the bike and zip over there to pick it up before the afternoon thunderstorms start.

Man! About those thunderstorms… it has been a monsoon-style summer here in my part of Florida this year. It’s been wet. I guess that’s not a bad thing. The aquifer needs replenishing every so often. It just seems that it has been wet and rainy nearly every day this past couple months. That’s fine. I’m not complaining. My trees are all happy; my little Mexican petunias are beautiful. Every morning I look at them out my bedroom window. They’re covered with pretty little purple flowers. The bees and the butterflies love ’em.

Well, I’ve spent enough of my life inside today. I need to get out there in that hot sun and burn off some fat.



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  1. lilbambi says:

    Hope your hand is healing nicely! And I hope it will get more agreeable outside so you can get back to doing the things you love outside, like riding your bike 😀

    • Fingers are usable again. My finger prints on those two fingers have changed now. Time to go rob that bank, I guess. 😉

      I did take that short ride to the library today. It’s only 2.5 miles or so round trip. I normally walk it when it isn’t so hot outside. It’s funny. I can ride my bike there in less than ten minutes, and that’s just puttering along. It would actually take me longer to drive it in my truck because of traffic, stops, etc.

      I enjoy bike riding (and walking). I just prefer it when it isn’t so darned HOT out there.

  2. Randy Brown says:

    Dean Koontz, eh? I’m enjoying “Brother Odd” right now. Looks like most (if not all) the series is on audio now. Reader does a great job. – Randy a.k.a. Barnabas

  3. ebrke says:

    As hot as you’ve been in Florida, here in NJ it’s been the coolest August I can ever remember. Some days we didn’t even hit 70 degrees, and some nights we dropped to low 50s. Very strange, but starting to warm up again now. Hope your fingers heal up quickly–Neosporin is indeed good stuff.

    • Hope that cool August isn’t an omen of a COLD winter for you guys.

      Personally, I’m hoping for a cold winter down here. We haven’t had one in two or three years. It’s been very mild. I like wintertime.

      By the way, I sent you an email a few weeks back because we had noticed that you hadn’t shown up at Scots for quite some time. We were worried… mother hen thing, you know. Glad to see you’re still alive and kickin’! 🙂


      • ebrke says:

        I think I need to update my account at Scots–think it has an email address I have let get dormant–anyway, didn’t receive your email. I view at Scots every once in a while, but don’t post. Health and family issues have taken up pretty much all of my time. Thanks for the thought.

        • Yup. I did use the email you have listed at Scot’s to email you. You must be visiting Scot’s without logging in because the board shows your last visit as being on August 27th of 2012. You can see why were were worried… a year without a peep from you. 😦

          Health and family issues should always be a priority. Hope everything smooths out for you in those areas, Elizabeth. 🙂

    • lilbambi says:

      Great to hear from you!

      It has been often closer to Sept whether for Virginia as well this August. I am thankful, but wonder when/if it will make up for it. LOL!

      Nature has a way of swinging to extremes at times and then making violent corrections.

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