OK, let’s talk a bit more baseball.

First and foremost (I always wanted to start a sentence with that phrase 😉 ), we have the Tampa Bay Rays. What about the Rays, you might be asking? Well, the Rays just finished sweeping poor Toronto out of their own park. Sad… for Toronto, anyway. Also, the Evil Empire, as pal PsiCop from Miscellanea Agnostica is wont to call those damned Yankees, won a couple this weekend against their nemesis, the Red Sox. What this means is:

there is a BIG scruffy blue thing nipping on your asses, Boston. 😉



In other Tampa Bay Rays news… sort of, anyway… Much loved ex-Ray Carlos Pena is released by Houston? WTF? Is Houston planning on residing in the AL West cellar for the long haul? Carlos was one of the few guiding veterans on that team. Now, let’s be honest here, Houston does have some talented young players, but there’s often a need for a more mature viewpoint in that locker room. Carlos provided that stability and focus, I believe. He did so admirably when he was with the Rays. I guess it’s a $$$ thing. It usually is with just about anything these days.

Here’s an idea… since the Rays are on the way to another World Series match (against the Pirates, I’m hoping), let’s bring Carlos back as a DH/1B for the rest of the season. This way, he can be home in the place he loves and is loved and he can get himself a nice World Series ring (a winning one, this time). It would be nice if the Rays organization did this for Carlos and then allowed him a happy retirement. The Rays can always chuck Brandon Gomes off the roster to make room for Carlos. What the hell? The Rays are known for chucking Gomeses, anyway. 😦

Play ball!



Image credits: AL East Standings courtesy of Yahoo Sports – MLB

Raymond – Tampa Bay Rays mascot image © 2001-2013 MLB Advanced Media, L.P. All rights reserved. Used here without express permission.

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  1. PsiCop says:

    First, Eric, a little correction: The Stinkees didn’t take 2 games from the Sox this weekend. They only took 1. The Sox won on Friday, and last night.

    Second, the AL East team I worry about most are the Rays. All of the other teams in the division are dangerous to one degree or another, even the Blue Jays are only 10 games back in the Wild Card race (about 2/3 the way down the ranks of the AL, right at the edge of a cluster of 4 teams in the middle of those ranks). But the Rays are durable, scrappy, and have one of the best managers in the game (better than Girardi or Showalter, anyway, if not nearly all of the AL).

    I just wish the Sox and Rays could play a game or two without plunking each other or brawling. I don’t really care who started it (and the tradition of Rays/Sox brawls goes back a few years now, I remember Coco Crisp attacking a Rays pitcher, maybe Shields, in ’08 IIRC). I only care that everyone on both teams is man enough to end it.

    Third, I do root for Carlos Pena and thought well of him even when he was still a Ray. He spent most of his youth in New England, and IIRC he used to get a lot of applause when he showed up in Fenway. Houston is really shooting itself in the foot by letting him go. I hope the Rays, or some other team, sees the wisdom in picking him up. I wonder … and I almost hate myself for typing this out … if the Evil Empire might be interested in signing him up, especially given their most-frequent DH, Hafner, can’t bat his way out of a paper bag. Although Pena wasn’t hitting well recently, I can’t see how he could be any worse. I don’t think either of us would want Carlos to end his career in pinstripes!

    • Oops! Mea culpa about this weekend’s final BoSox/Wankees series.

      The Fenway boys should be nervous about the Rays on their tails; for all the reasons you mention, but particularly Joe Maddon, who is surely one of the best managers in the game today. 🙂

      Yes, I definitely remember the Coco Crisp/James Shields fiasco. I was proud of my boys that day. Coco ran up to the mound and James popped him a good one (actually, they both missed with their punches according to Coco). Everyone got in on that brawl. Current Red Sox player, and a fav of mine, Jonny Gomes was kickin’ all kinda of ass in that pile. Even little Akinori Iwamura was in there swingin’. Now THAT’S hockey! Oh, wait… this is baseball we’re talking about here. 😉

      Pena is one of my all time favorite Rays players… right up there with the Crime Dog, Fred McGriff. I really hope his career has a fabulous ending; definitely not in pinstripes.

      Let’s see if my Rays can sweep the BoSox (4 games) in their own castle starting in about 10 minutes from now… radio on and tuned in!

      PLAY BALL!

  2. Oh, and honorable mention for my other all time favorite Rays players…

    — The Woonsocket Rocket – Rocco Baldelli

    — The best cheerleader the Rays ever had – Jonny Gomes


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