Well, the All Star break is over. Let the fight for 1st commence!

The American League East is, as usual, a tight race for the Pennant. Even poor Toronto, which is about 12 games back, can still get their pine tar together and give it a fight. There’s half a season left, after all. Of course, they’ll have to start tomorrow because the Tampa Bay Rays out swatted them this evening 8 to 5.

Speaking of All Stars… how ’bout that Mariano Rivera? Can you even imagine how his heart must have been tripping along when he trotted out of that bullpen to an empty field with every pair of eyes in the house on him? Enter Sandman and riotous cheers; it must have been awesome for him.

Congratulations, Mariano! I always hated it when my Rays were facing you, but you are the best of the best! Enjoy a long and happy retirement. You won’t have to wait long for the Hall, either.

So, how are your teams doing? Any hopes of coming out on top? I’m kinda’ hoping to see a Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Tampa Bay Rays World Series; a Series with a sea-faring, nautical theme. 😉

Play ball!



P.S. By the way, how ’bout those Red Sox with their new manager? Pretty impressive so far, huh? Let’s see if they dissolve as they often do at the end of the season.

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  1. PsiCop says:

    Re: “Let’s see if [the Red Sox] dissolve as they often do at the end of the season.”

    Despite tonight’s win over the Evil Empire, the dissolution is already beginning. Prime example: Clay Buchholz. Does anyone know what’s wrong with him? He’s been out for, what, 5 or 6 weeks now? It started with neck pain, then became something else, and it’s been a long succession of one malady after the other … none of them disabling, but none of them ever confirmed by an MRI or anything. He’s no nearer returning to the mound than he was when he went on the DL. And no one on the team has the first clue what’s wrong … because every provisional diagnosis so far has ended up being ruled out.

    Either the guy doesn’t want to pitch any more (which the team denies), or their medical staff bought their degrees from Sears and don’t know their asses from their elbows (which the team also denies, I assume). So which is it? An unwilling player, or an incompetent medical staff?

    Before you think it can’t be an incompetent medical staff … remember, this is the outfit that had no clue Jacoby Ellsbury had had four broken ribs, three years ago. Yeah, the medical staff has turned over since 2010 and almost everyone is new, but incompetence that bad remains possible.

  2. Randy Brown says:

    Well… as a Brewer’s fan, I’m still pretty much into MLB, even though my team isn’t. 😦 I’m heading to the game this Sunday against one of the very few teams worse than the Brewers… yup… the Fish. Will be nice to see an up-and-coming pitcher, Wily Peralta.

    I’ll probably go with my youngest daughter to a game in August, as well. Looks like a day game against the hated Cards… should be fun. It’s hard to keep hating that team with Mike Matheny at the helm.

    I do still kind of root for my childhood team, the Tiggers and, yes, I still like Prince Fielder. Detroit definitely gave him way too big of a contract. I think the baseball team is getting themselves into financial trouble like the city did… oops, moved into politics now. :O

    And, Eric, I will join you in rooting for the Pirates. It would be nice to see them in a series again… especially after they have been so bad, for so long. At least the Houston Lastros got to a series in 2005. It’s been since 1979 for the Pirates… and yes, that only’s only 3 years before the Brewer’s only series appearance.

    So… I’d like to see a Tigers/Pirates series… that is, if the Brewers can’t somehow win 75% of their remaining games and get into the playoffs.

    • The Brewers could do it, you know. That’s why I love baseball so much. It’s anyone’s game on any given day. I don’t even follow any other sport.

      I was a fan of the Pirates as a kid because my brother played for them (AAA). He also played for the KC Royals, but not for too long.

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