I saw a link to this article on slashdot.org‘s website earlier today. This has been a pet peeve of mine for years.

I’ve always hated to see co-workers snorting and snotting all over the place. It’s unhealthy and disgusting. You can’t always blame your co-workers, though. In today’s modern work environment, you better be dying before you call in sick. At a call center where I worked in tech support, people were literally passing out and being taken out of the building by paramedics. The sick leave policy was so strict that you needed to have a doctor’s release for any absence in order for the company to grant you “excused” status. This, of course, resulted in a very optimal environment for the creatures at the top of the food chain (viruses) to thrive.

I couldn’t agree more with Tim Olshansky’s rant here.

Read on…

Tim Olshansky | Stay Home When You’re Sick!

Try to have a little consideration this year and don’t infect any of your fellow workers just before Christmas.



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