Dear President Obama,

Rather than claiming to have been on your band wagon all along, I’ll be honest and admit to you that I did not vote for you the first time around; nor did I vote for that McCain fellow with the weird running mate from Alaska. However, that being said, I did vote for you this time around; not so much as a lesser of evils or a horse that I wanted to stay mounted on in midstream, but as a man whom I had more confidence in when it comes to doing what’s good, right, needed, and wanted in this country.

There are many who disagree with me. I don’t discuss politics (or religious beliefs) with friends or relatives, if I can avoid it. Both topics are deeply subjective in nature and highly volatile; best to not strain relationships with heated debate over topics that are best left as personal and private. I do rant in this space and others on the Internet occasionally, though. It’s different when I talk about it here because those who don’t agree or don’t care to read what I have to say, have the choice to visit another website of their choosing.

So, you’re going to have another go at it, huh? Well, that’s fine by me. I have a few things to ask of you, though. Please consider the following:

  • Place checks and balances on BIG Business and other BIG $$$ interests so that they cannot unduly influence government.
  • Continue to maintain emergency and social programs that assist citizens in times of need, but monitor more closely and prosecute abuses relentlessly.
  • Restore citizens’ liberties that have been lost in the past decade; stop trading our liberties for warm and fuzzy “security”.
  • End the endless wars; bring our servicemen and women home NOW!
  • Focus on the United States; let other countries mind their own affairs.
  • Tax fairly. Eliminate loopholes and advantages for the ultra-rich and BIG Business.

Pretty big laundry list, huh? Well, you’re a lame duck now, buddy. You don’t have to worry about a second term. You can be more ruthless and demanding in your negotiations with stubborn legislators. You can take more chances. You can make this country a better place than it was when you stepped into that office the first time.

I wish us all luck.



a human being, a participant in this representative republic, a U.S. citizen, a citizen of the world


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  1. comhack says:

    Well it all sounds good but the problem is, our government has been bought and paid for by the various corporations. Nothing will or can change without a total collapse. There is too much big money involved for change to occur especially when it cuts into their profits. Unfortunately, we live in the United Corporations of America. Our forefathers would be very ashamed at the state of our country. Sorry for the rant but this is how I think of our corporate masters…. err politicians.

  2. ebrke says:

    Well said, Eric, but I have to agree with Comhack–when government’s been bought and paid for by special interests, we’re in a world of hurt.

    • Yes. That was definitely one of my points in the letter. Things need to change with regards to unfettered $$$ going to political campaigns by companies, PACs, and individuals. Once again, we must bring up every politician’s least favorite topic… campaign finance reform. And while we’re on that subject, a related issue also needs to be resolved – the uncontrolled, unrestricted, free-for-all lobbying by BIG Pharma, BIG Insurance, and other BIGs out there. It’s shameful and should be illegal.

      • ebrke says:

        I agree absolutely. There was a hand-lettered sign on a lawn in my town that read: “America is a nation, not a corporation.” Unfortunately, I think we started moving toward being a corporation rather than a nation somewhere in the late 80’s, and it’s been downhill from there. Business always had the ear of government, but business seemed to get greedier and a lot more short-sighted over the last 30+ years.

        • To be blunt…

          Money talks, bullshit walks.

          It has ever been thus in this world. Sad, but it is what it is. There are still good people in this world who don’t live their lives driven by greed. Unfortunately, the minority that do control the world because $ = power.

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