Here’s a nice little Halloween horror rant for you:

The Bundle of Horror – A Halloween Rant



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  1. comhack says:

    Nice blog post!

    It is really shitty how these companies treat their customers. The worst part is that this type of behavior does not happen in the rest of the world. Their governments regulate the service providers which in turn ends up giving the customers super fast internet (tv and phone too) for a low cost. It pisses me off every time I think about how much our country has sold us to their corporate overlords. It is everything from super expensive (mostly capped) internet to selling our constitutional rights to the highest bidder. There is no recovery for this nation besides a total breakdown of which I hope will happen soon. It will have bad effects but it has to happen. We have to fight for our lives or continue to become a slave nation. Sorry for ranting but I must stop as I hear the black helicopters swarming over my house.

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