I’m 51 years old today.

I don’t feel 51. Of course, I’ve never been 51 so I don’t know what it’s supposed to feel like. Feels a lot like 50, actually. Can’t complain at all, though. I feel better at 51 than I did at 41.

In 2002, I was still sore from busting a couple ribs from a spill I took on a wet road while riding (motorcycles) with my brother one afternoon in June. I was also smoking two and half pack of Marlboro a day back then and weighed about 50 lbs more than I do now.

I still look pretty much the same; maybe a tad bit more gray in my hair and beard, maybe an extra laugh line or wrinkle here and there on my face. I use 1x cheater glasses to read these days and don’t hear that well, but still can’t complain.

It’s all good! 🙂



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  1. comhack says:

    Happy Birthday Brother!!!!

  2. lilbambi says:

    I know I already said Happy Birthday, but can’t say it enough.

    Another year this side of the turf is a good year. And you feel better too. Not bad at all.


    Happy Birthday Eric!

  3. crond says:

    Hi buddy, Wishing you the Happiest Birthday !… I am sure you enjoyed yourself. And I am very sorry, for this late wish. I was not up in net yesterday. Do you want to know the reason? Its Morse.

    I finished watching around 6 series in 2 weeks,then , I caught up with my office work.
    I did not get time to watch. But, due to some local political issues, I got 2 days leave [till yesterday]. And I started to watch Morse.

    Man, after 2 days night sleep also, I feel something , that is bothering me.Somthing I feel heavily in my heart. Its last 2 episodes.
    I just lost myself. To be frank, instead of watching, I think, I started to live with the characters. I feel sad. I damn well know, it sounds foolish.

    Cracking the case, which happended 140 years before , hmmmm I enjoyed it .

    I can not accept his death. Why, Dexter kill him? I did not expect. I expect, like, he may going somewhere after the ART or something. May be visiting Lewis’s home to say Good bye. A fine retirement.

    He lived a very simple life. In the later part of series, computers,pagers and cell phones started to show up. Isn’t it?
    I really loved the scene in the last episode, which is, He rang to Lewis mobile from a Public Phone booth. Which means, he dont have a personal one.

    Generally, when the episode is over, I close my vlc. But, for the last episode, I was in a shock, and the sound track started to play. That is just, WONDERFUL. Its my mobile – ring tone, now .

    I think , I should stop typing. I am upset. I wanted to share with someone, who knows morse. My friends ran away, when I see a very old, calm , TV series.
    I decided to leave comments in that Morse, blog entry that you have. But, before that I just saw this blog and decided to leave it here.

    As, I said earlier, I should stop typing. Happy Birthday matey !!!!!

    • HAHA! Hiya, Chekki!

      Yes, Morse’s last two episodes were difficult for me to watch also. That is such a wonderful program. One day when I have the money, I’m going to buy the entire DVD collection. It costs about $400USD at Amazon.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes! 🙂

      Oh, I’m watching Inspector Lewis now. I just finished the pilot episode and the Series I last week. I have Series II on hold at the library. Good stuff, also!

      EDIT: See! I’m getting forgetful in my old age. I had already mentioned Inspector Lewis to you previously here. 😉



      • crond says:

        oh, yes, I didn’t forget. Its already queued in torrent app. :).
        But, Morse, he is special. From this saturday night, I may start with Lewis. As I already told, I like his voice and his comedy and very particulary, when he is paying for Morse’s drink and when Morse is stopping him before he take his food/tea….. ;).
        Anyway, last night went to friend’s room. I guess, I feel better now. But, I did not forget to bother my friend with Morse’s death, till some 2AM .

        • Morse was/is definitely special. You are correct there.

          Pay close attention when you watch the Inspector Lewis pilot (1st) episode and the next two. There are a lot of Morse hints and humor there that I didn’t catch when I first saw Lewis back in ’06 because I had never seen Morse before that time. Great stuff! 🙂

          • chekkizhar says:

            I can not able to get a torrent for Lewis – pilot episode alone. can you help me , buddy ??

          • I don’t know where to find it online, Chekki. You’ll just have to search around for a usable link somewhere. I borrowed the one I watched from my local library. I know you may not have that option where you are, though. Sorry, my friend. 😦

  4. PsiCop says:

    At 51 I’d say you’re slightly too old to be a Linux fanboi, Eric! 🙂 😉

  5. ebrke says:

    Happy b’day, Eric!

  6. crond says:

    Its ok Eric, I use this weekend to search more. I found some *.mkv format. But, it give trouble with subtitle and seek options.
    [ PS: there was no reply option to put this message in proper place. 🙂 ]

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