Well, it’s been the never ending battle with me… weight loss, then weight gain, then more weight loss.

I have a weakness. I like FOOD! Sucks, huh? Even while eating healthful foods, I’m managing to gain weight. Today I weighed 31 lbs more than I did on 10 July of 2011. And yes, I feel it. Granted, I don’t look to bad (yet) because a goodly portion of that weight gain has been muscle mass from my past years’ worth of walking/bike riding. I had lost a lot of weight rapidly back in ’10; much of it muscle. I have my arms and legs back now. My pants are only slight tighter now. The doc tells me this is OK. It means I’m gaining weight in the right places.

And true as that may be, I’m still putting on the fat. I have my spare tire back around the middle again. I have been falling off the healthful eating wagon more often lately, also. I don’t like this. So, as of today, I’m going to revitalize my diet. I’m going back to my stricter caloric/carbohydrate ration of 1200-1500 calories and less than 50 grams of carbs a day. If I continue to exercise as I have been and maintain this intake, I’ll drop down to at lease 210 lbs from my current 235 lbs by the end of September. That’s what I’m shooting for, anyway.

Wish me luck!

I’m off to ride my bike for about 15 miles now.



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  1. Randy says:

    Get ‘er done, Eric! I’ve been doing the Weight Watchers thing again in March myself. I had almost 40 pounds to lose. I started swimming, too. Started with once/week at a local high school ($2 per swim). Now I’m swimming on Monday nights in a local lake where they have a 1/4 mile course laid out. I’m down over 20 pounds with another 15 to go. It’s a LONG process, but I am enjoying the swimming.

    Good start letting us in on the goal… helps with accountability, right? You should graph your progress for us. 😉

    • Hiya, Randy!

      Sounds like you’re doing well. That’s good. I’ve been walking or bike riding for nearly a year now. It’s definitely been good for me to get out of this house and get moving again. I feel better at 50 than I did at 40. Seriously! I’m not kidding. I just don’t want to fatten up too much again. If I don’t stay on top of it, it definitely sneaks up on me. I like being in the best shape I’ve been in for the last 25 years. I feel GOOD!

      I keep a daily log of my vital stats, what I consume, liquid intake, etc. That’s how I knew what I weighed last year. I just opened the file cabinet and looked up the log sheet for 10 July 2011. 🙂 It’s a habit I developed years ago while taking care of my mom. It’s easier (for me, anyway) to stay on track when I keep a log. And I really do count food portion sizes, calories, carbs, and sodium content for everything I consume.

      I just got home a few minutes ago from a nice 12 mile bike ride out there in the hot sun. I’m an urban sidewalk bicycle rider. Half the fun is dodging the stupid drivers with the cell phones stuck in their ears. It really adds excitement to the ride. It’s almost like being one of the pedestrians in Death Race 2000. 😉

      I also get to play in my friends’ pool every weekend or so when I go out there to spend Saturdays with them. FUN! 🙂

      Stay HEALTHY, my friend. It’s worth more than gold. Of course, some accompanying gold wouldn’t hurt none. 😉



      • Randy says:

        That’s great to hear, Eric!

        It’s definitely been good for me to have something going in my life than just running from one job to the next or doing work around the house. I always said I didn’t have time to exercise, but adding 2 or 3 times a week really doesn’t seemed to have negatively impacted my productivity at all.

  2. chekkizhar says:

    Best of luck buddy, Drive safe…

  3. You can do it Eric! You’ve done it before and you can do it again! Wait … doesn’t that sound a little bit like the beginning of the movie, Armageddon! LOL!

  4. Barnabyh says:

    Hi man, glad to hear that you can still afford food, your last post got me a bit worried 😉

    Btw, VL7 x64 is out finally. Are you gonna do a review over on v1?

    Enjoy the ride –

    • Well, actually… the taxpayers, my brother, and a couple friends have all been providing the funds for food. 😦

      Good to hear that VL finally did it. I probably won’t review, though. Already did a review of VL 7 (32 bit). There wouldn’t be much of a diff just because it’s 64 bit. I might install it on a tester partition out on my shop system, though. Thanks for the heads up, mate! 🙂

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