Well, I’ve been here and there. You know how it is.

I’ve been looking for a job; actually, that is a full-time job in itself. There’s an old saying, “The only thing worse than working is looking for a job.” How profoundly true. I’ve been unemployed (or self-employed, as it says on my resumé) for nearly 48 months. Yes, that’s FOUR years, folks. Pretty amazing, huh? I’ve survived by liquidating most of what I own, reluctantly accepting assistance from really awesome friends and family members, and doing the odd job here and there. It’s been challenging, to state it mildly.

So, what else have I been doing seeing as how I obviously have all this time on my hands; not being gainfully employed and all that? Hmm… well, I’ve been riding my bicycle around town, seeing it from a perspective that most folks zooming by in their two ton pollution machines with their cell phones permanently stuck up there ass… er, I mean stuck in their ears rarely ever see. 

It’s pretty cool, actually. I see the street people. You know, the real folks out there in your city. The ones on the street corners trying to get some spare change together from passing motorists to afford a sandwich at the corner convenient store or maybe even a small bottle of ripple. I see the ones selling newspapers. I see the young folks on skateboards and roller blades. I see the old farts like myself peddling along whilst huffing and puffing.

When I’m not riding, I’m reading. I’ve read a few good ones lately…

Steve Alten’s The Shell Game – So realistic, it’s scary. We need to really hope that it’s just fiction. Read it, do a little research… judge for yourself.

Pick yourself up a used copy from one of the sellers on Addall.com. It’s a good read, but disturbing.

For you folks who don’t want to be confused as to whether something is fiction or non-fiction, try Lawrence Krauss’ A Universe from Nothing. It’s physics and cosmology, folks. Don’t be afraid, though. Krauss explains it well and in a very entertaining fashion.

You can find it used over at AddAll.com, too.

For those of you not into that reading thing, you can watch the lecture over at Youtube that the book was based on. Very COOL! 🙂

Aw, go ahead an watch it. What’s the worse the might happen? You learn something?

And that about sums up my last few weeks. I hope that all my loyal readers are having a wonderful late spring (late fall for you Southern Hemisphere folks) wherever you are. Take some time to really look around your city. Go for a walk. Meet some nice street folks. So what if they haven’t shaved or smell kinda’ funny. They’re just like you. They just happen to be in different circumstances. That’s life.



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  1. Hello mate, good to hear you’re still around. For me it’s the other way, faaar too busy with work and stuff now. Feels good though, the 18 months of slacking (no pun intended) are over and have been for some time.
    The other day I even gave a quid to a beggar, because he asked nicely and seemed sober. No probs there. Only the aggressive ones are annoying.

    Good luck.


    • I’m sober. Hic! I could use a quid or two. 😉

      Seriously, good to see you. I recently had some issues with my Out of the Woods board (corrupted database). I had to NUKE it and start a whole new board. That’s kept me busy for a bit. Stop by and register –> http://vtel.jaylach.com/ Fun goings on there. 🙂

  2. Oh yeah, and nice tips there for a little bed time reading. Thanks!

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