It’s here. It’s here. In Florida, anyway… summertime is here!

Seems like just the other day that I was taking my spring hiatus here at the ol’ blog site. Oh wait, that was just the other day. Well, last night was probably the last dying gasp of spring here in Tampa. It was also probably the last night I could sleep without the air conditioners running. I won’t be able to open the windows and get fresh air into the house till about the middle of October at the earliest.

I love electricity and bless the memory of the man who invented air conditioning. I’m old enough to remember what it was like to not have AC. I didn’t even have AC in school till I was in 9th grade. Back in 1967 when I was in 1st grade May days like today would have meant spending a miserable six hours in a hot classroom with about 45 other huffing, sweating little bodies. It we were lucky that day, the nun would have reserved the use of the big shop fan for us for an hour or so.

I’ve even had to adjust my exercise regimen this past few weeks. I’m not one of those gym rat types. I exercise alone most of the time. Usually, I walk the neighborhood every day; 3-5 miles. That’s wonderful during nice, mild days of fall, winter, spring here in Florida. However, walking is not pleasant when it’s 90F and 99% humidity. Instead, I’ve started a bike riding regimen to partially replace my walking.

I ride about 10 – 15 miles a day. As long as you’re moving, it’s pretty pleasant. Just like I used to tell people about riding motorcycles… the AC only works when you’re moving. I mix it up a bit. I ride for some the ride, then I dismount and walk the bike for a couple miles. Once I get all heated up from the walking, I hop back on the bike and finish my ride. My water usage from laundry and showers has sure increased the past couple weeks.

Well, wherever you are, enjoy your summer. It’s almost 6 in the evening here. It’s time to put on the tank top and cut off shorts and hop on the bike for a bit.



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  1. comhack says:

    Riding a bike is great exercise, I try to ride my bike back and forth to work everyday. It is only 2 miles away but I ride hard and it takes me only about 12 minutes or so. It saves gas plus it is great exercise.

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