This is an absolute MUST read. Even if you don’t agree with what the man says, you’ll love reading him say it.

Stephen King: Tax Me, for F@%&’s Sake! at The Daily Beast.

It’s worth the read, really. 🙂



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  1. PsiCop says:

    It’s what I’ve said before: If you’re going to tax anyone, you have to start by taxing the rich, because they’re the ones with the money. The GOP position — that the wealthy shouldn’t be taxed — is so obviously ridiculous, that I shouldn’t have to say how fucking ridiculous it is. Nevertheless, I do have to say it.

  2. It is worth several reads! Thanks Eric!

    Love the whole article, but the last two paragraphs are the best.

  3. Excellent article. Problem with politics is that it is so tribal, that people refuse to see anything good in an idea that has on it label one disapproves of: label something “socialist” (or, alternatively, “reactionary”) and half the population will turn away from it without even giving it a fair hearing.

    • That’s so true, H. 😦

    • lilbambi says:

      So true. It’s better not to give labels at all if you want everyone to at least give a listen.

      I also got that feeling from the article, and even though I am sometimes liberal and sometimes more conservative, I did have to get past that ‘labeling’ while reading the article, and did very easily because it was Stephen King. And I was glad I did.

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