I noticed that I have been rambling on about baseball quite a bit this last few articles.

It’s time we talked a little politics, huh?

Ewwwwww! Yeah… I don’t blame you for clicking that mouse right on out of here. Politics hasn’t been one of my favorite subjects for a long while. To be honest with you, I’m actually sickened by it. I’m sickened by all the lying, self-serving, hypocritical, money-grubbing bastards out there who call themselves “public servants”. They’re thieves, plain and simple. They want to win elections so they can consolidate power and make MORE $$$.

There are some good politicians out there, you say. Pfffffft! Yeah… I used to think that too. Nowadays, I think they’re all rat bastards without exception. It’s a shame, actually. I’ve lost all faith in my country’s government, my state government, and even my local government. I see nothing in the news other than stories of greed and corruption. There seems to be no end to it. I don’t see things getting any better. Do you?

I’ve been struggling to find employment since August of ’08. That’s right. For nearly four years, I’ve been squeezing by on luck, charity, and credit card cash advances. My house of cards is rockin’. So yeah, I’m a little disgusted with the American dream about now. I’m not complaining about my personal situation, though. There are others much worse off than I am. At least I still have a roof over my head and a pillow to lay my head on at night.

I used to nag my family and friends to get out there and vote. Make a difference, I’d tell them. Don’t let your right as a citizen of this great country go to waste. Hmmmph! They won’t be hearing that coming from me these days. I never miss an election, regardless of how trivial it may be. Unfortunately, I’m seriously debating missing quite a few in the future. I’m just not convinced anymore that my vote means shit.

When pharmaceutical companies and insurance lobbyists are spending literally BILLIONS of dollars to sway these rat bastard politicians to their way of thinking, what good is my one little vote going to do? Even if I managed to elect a new rat bastard, he’d be as corrupt as the old one after just a taste or two of the BIG LOBBY $$$. Hell, I wish I could get elected. Sounds like a cush gig.

Enough of this. Back to baseball next time.




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  1. **It’s a shame, actually. I’ve lost all faith in my country’s government, my state government, and even my local government.**

    Same here Eric…don’t feel badly. It’s going around. 😉

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