Those nasty BoSox boys did a number to my pretty Rays today.

Of course, when pitching and defense leaves the park in the 8th inning, the opposing team is bound to score a few points.

We were just sandbaggin’, guys. We’ll be kicking your arses all over Fenway tomorrow and Sunday. šŸ˜‰


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  1. PsiCop says:

    Gotta love it when the Sox play the Rays. The Rays get drilled after one of their players whines about Fenway. Not that Tropicana is any better, even Rays fans despise the place and refuse to go there, not to mention the fly balls always pinging off the catwalks. Of course, the Rays managed to take out the only Sox player worth watching (i.e. Jacoby Ellsbury). That, too, is par for the course for them … playing in Tampa cost Mike Lowell his hip and terminated his career early).

    But don’t lose heart Eric. You and your Rays will have the last laugh at the end of the season, when they make the playoffs this year and the Red Sox don’t. Ultimately yesterday’s game will seem trivial and of no account. The Red Sox will remain what they are, a high-priced but mediocre team weighed down by grumling prima donas and whining excuse-makers who’re paid so much that they no longer need to play well and largely refuse to put forth any effort. (Except for the aforementioned Ellsbury, but you guys took care of him.)

    • Well, the Rays started today’s game (Saturday afternoon) off with a bang… and ended it in a whimper. *sigh*

      As far as Tropicana goes, it has its advantages: 72F year round, no rain outs, no blinding sunshine, etc. I’ve been there a few times. I wouldn’t mind going some more. It’s just too far away for me to drive for every game. It’s about 40 miles round trip. Yeah, that’s not too bad, but gas isn’t getting any cheaper. It’s just really inconvenient for me. The Yankee’s Steinbrenner (formerly Legends) Field is walking distance from my house. It’s more appealing for me to pay $5 and walk there to see the Florida Grapefruit A league Tampa Yankees play than it is for me to burn the gas/time to go to the Trop across the Bay.

      Oh well, maybe one day the Rays will have a nice new park a little bit closer to me here in Tampa. šŸ˜‰

      Today’s final score Rays 5 – BoSox 13. Thumped again. šŸ˜¦

      • PsiCop says:

        As I understand it, Tropicana’s location is what you locals object to. It’s out on the peninsula and hard for almost everyone to get to. I still think the catwalks are a joke. I hate watching games played there, it always seems there’s a ball that gets popped up, pings off a catwalk, drops someplace unexpected, and can’t be fielded. There isn’t really any good reason for them to be there, there are lots of roofed parks that have managed without them. I can’t imagine that anyone on the team, or any Rays fans, are happy about the catwalks being there, either.

        It is pathetic to watch a pennant-contending team playing in a mostly-empty park. You Floridians really need to toughen up, grow a pair, and go watch your team fercryinoutloud! It’s a PITA for Nutmeggers like me to get to Fenway, too, you know, but lots of us do. (Not me any more, but still … !)

        • The biggest problem with the Trop’s location is that fact that it’s in the middle of downtown St. Petersburg, an area that is relatively dead after 5PM at night. It’s not what you’d call the best neighborhood in town after dark. There are no stores, shops, theaters, restaurants, etc. conveniently located near the park. Parking is not the greatest. You basically go there for the game and you get the hell out as fast as you can.

          Secondly, there is no (or very little) walk in traffic from the neighborhood around the Trop. It’s a poor area of town, as are most downtown areas once the business crowd has vacated for the day. The folks who live within walking distance of the Trop don’t have a lot of disposable income. That being said, though, tickets to the Rays games are relatively reasonable compared to any NFL venue. The NFL is truly a rich man’s spectator sport.

          Even though tho Trop is 40+ miles round trip for me, I wouldn’t mind going to the games. Sadly, I do not have dependable transportation nor the funds for such outings at this time. If I did, I’d be there cheering. I love live baseball. That’s why I go to the Tampa Yanks games near my home. Live baseball is FUN! Sadly, I don’t think there are as many baseball fans in this country as there were in times past.

          Map of Tropicana Field location relative to my house in Tampa –>

          The Trop itself is kinda’ strange with the catwalk rules and all that baloney, but it really is comfortable to watch a game inside. I’ve been there many times before when there were raging afternoon Florida thunderstorms going on outside, but it was cool and dry inside while the game went on. The Trop was not designed for baseball originally. Initially, it was build as hockey stadium. It was called the ThunderDome back then. The then-new Tampa Bay Lightning NHL team played there.

          The catwalks are bitched about way too often, I think. There are only issues with the rings occasionally. It’s not like it happens every game. For normal drives, there won’t be any problems. It’s only high in-the-park pop-ups that cause issues with the overhead rings. I’ve been to many games over the years there and I’ve only seen ring interference happen maybe once or twice in that time.

          Anywho, if I had the $$$, I’d sure be there supporting my team. Unfortunately, I can only support them via radio broadcasts these days.

          P.S. Looks like the Rays got swept right on out of Boston. šŸ˜¦

          • PsiCop says:

            Funny how people are talking about a “sweep,” but the Sox & Rays have one more game in this series, to be played tomorrow (Patriots’ Day in MA). IIRC Shields will be pitching for you, and he’s usually really good against the Sox; plus the Sox have an odd habit of losing on Patriots’ Day. So things are looking up for the Rays, and there may be no sweep after all!

          • Uh… oops! Didn’t realize till reading the sports section today that there was a fourth game for the Rays to lose… er, I mean play. šŸ˜‰

            1 – O Rays in the top o’ the 8th at the moment.

            Go RAYS! šŸ™‚

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