The Rays started off the 2012 season with a BANG!

They swept the highly overpaid and overrated Yankees right on out of town. Heh! The Rays are in Detroit at the moment. They lost the first game of the series and of this season against the Tigers when their pitching and defense collapsed a bit in the bottom of the 8th. They’ll be back tomorrow, though. “Big Game” James Shields is going up against Justin Verlander. I see a possible pitching duel coming up.


Back to my hiatus now…


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  1. PsiCop says:

    And, precisely as I expected would happen, the Red Sox are going nowhere. They may not be the worst team in baseball, but they’re definitely trying their best to reach that point.

    • Well, you know it’s not going to break my heart to see the BoSox and the Yanks down in the bottom of the barrel for a while. I doubt they’ll stay down there, though. They never do. Breeding… er, I mean highly paid talents come through eventually, except with that CC thing. 😉

      • PsiCop says:

        Re: “I doubt they’ll stay down there, though.”

        Sorry, but yes they will. The Red Sox anyway. They will end the season barely above .500 … maybe as many as 85 wins, but that’s it. Their ownership is no longer interested in running or fielding a baseball team; they’re obsessed with British soccer and have channeled all their money and energy into it.

        This is not news, unfortunately. It’s been going on since Henry & Co took over Liverpool SC. It was inevitable, and anyone with half a brain knew it was going to happen. And it has happened. How could it not?

        • Sad. The glory days of America’s Pasttime are fading into the distance rapidly these days. Making $$$ seems to be the PRIME DIRECTIVE to anything and everything these days… or maybe I’m being naive, and it’s always been thus.

          • PsiCop says:

            The demise of the Red Sox is partly the fault of a Boston fan base that’s so rabid, they attend games without any regard for how good or bad the team is. The owners never suffer any financial repercussions for their lack of leadership. They’re fielding a rotten team, because they can. And with the approval of (too many) fans.

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