… time to PLAY BALL!

Here we are with Spring Training nearly over and the season starting, and I haven’t posted one baseball article here yet. What’s up with that? I’m sad to admit that I haven’t even listened to one Spring Training game on the radio this year, either. I just haven’t been in a baseball mood, I guess. Well, I better shake off that ennui and get my cow bell ringing. The Rays are making their run for the World Series again this year.

It’s not anything new, of course. Many teams in the AL and NL are making this same run for themselves. Who’s going to actually play in that BIG series in October, though? Who’s going to have a .500 season? Will the usual teams be down in the bottom of the win/loss barrel? What kind of surprises will the boys of summer have for us this year? Only time will resolve this mystery for us. Until then, plain old fans like me will be on their blogs and pro talking heads will be on their radio/tv shows speculating up a storm.

I’ve been following the Rays Spring Training a bit from articles in the excellent Tampa Bay Times (formerly the St. Petersburg Times) sports section this past few days; ever since renewing my home delivery of that paper at a rate so low that I almost felt guilty signing up for it. Every man has his price. Anyway, I see Joe Maddon is up to his usual Spring Training sandbagging tricks. He never shows his hand too much during this time.

Look! Here’s some speculation now from The Bleacher Report:

2012 MLB Predictions: Complete Postseason and World Series Projections

By Zachary D. Rymer (Featured Columnist) on March 23, 2012

World Series: San Francisco Giants vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Prediction: Rays in seven

Man! I like this guy’s predictions! 🙂

The Cardinals and Miami Marlins will begin the season with the opening of Florida’s new ballpark on Wednesday, April 4. Oh, boy! Just writing about this stuff has got the ol’ ticker going a bit faster. I can smell the fresh cut grass, the peanuts and popcorn, the stale beer, and week old urine in the ballpark bathrooms. Mmmm-mmm! BASEBALL! Get on out to the park with the whole family. It’s baseball, folks… the great American (Latin American, Canadian, and Japanese) pastime!



Image credits: baseball clipart courtesy of cartoonclipartworld.com

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  1. PsiCop says:

    Uh, Eric … I can’t help but wonder about Rymer’s prognostications, especially given that he has the Nationals going directly to the playoffs with the Phillies stuck in the wild card. Seriously? The Nationals!? Over Philadelphia? Winning a divisional series, no less!? I want to know what this guy’s been smoking, because it must be some REALLY cool shit!

    Seriously, though … have fun watching baseball this year, and the best of luck to the Rays. I won’t be watching MLB. I’ve had it with the millionaire pansies and their childish antics (such as Carl “If I can’t be the leadoff hitter, I won’t hit anything, and I may not even play at all” Crawford).

    • Well, I rarely get to actually watch baseball anymore these days. The Rays are no longer televised on broadcast TV. If you don’t have cable with the Florida Sports Network, you don’t get to watch ’em. I might get to see a couple FOX Sports Saturday afternoon games with the Rays, but that’ll be about it. It’s radio only for me. I’m stuck in the 30s-40s; 1930s and 1940s, that is.

      Fame (or something) sure went to ol’ Carl’s head, it seems. I don’t miss him at all down here. He sure seemed to be a much better player (and less of a spoiled baby) when he was playing for the Rays. Maybe he was job scared back then. With that ironclad contract Boston gave him, he can squall and whine all he wants. He won’t be going anywhere for quite some time.

      Ah well, it’s sad that baseball isn’t as enjoyable for you as it used to be. I lost my interest in the NFL for similar reasons. It’s so obviously a rich man’s spectator sport that it’s ridiculous. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers owners are always crying about ticket revenue, etc. You have to float a goddamned loan to take your family to a football game. At least baseball hasn’t gotten that ridiculous yet They’re working on it, though. 😦

      Goodnight. 🙂

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