… is it a plane? It’s sure as hell ain’t Superman.

What it could very well be, though, is a domestic drone. The military has been using drones (unmanned flying machines) for surveillance and attack missions in our numerous (and profitable) war zones around the world. There’s a possibility that the U.S. is also using, or planning to use, drones here in our backyards to catch illegal aliens, illegal grow farms, and drug/gun runners. Uh-huh. And maybe… just maybe to monitor what’s going on in your own backyard.

Do I sound paranoid here, folks? Is a police state really evolving here in the U.S.? Should we be nervous? The government already has access to all of your phone and Internet activities.They can access your bank accounts. They can track your vehicles. They know when you board a domestic flight, rent a car, or even what books you check out at the library. How much of stretch is it to think that they could also use drones to further observe you and your activities?

“The use of drones in American airspace could dramatically increase the physical tracking of citizens – tracking that can reveal deeply personal details about our private lives,” EFF staff attorney Jennifer Lynch said in a statement.

This from the National Journal article on Yahoo News recently.

“Drones give the government and other unmanned aircraft operators a powerful new surveillance tool to gather extensive and intrusive data on Americans’ movements and activities,” Lynch said.

Scary stuff, huh? Hope I didn’t ruin your sleep tonight.

Think, people. Don’t be sheep.



Image credits: paranoid cat courtesy of lolbrary.com

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