Over the past three weeks, I’ve been enjoying Masterpiece Mystery immensely.

Of course, I almost always enjoy any Masterpiece production; be it Classic, Mystery, or Contemporary. However, this last three Sundays they were broadcasting a new mystery series called Case Histories. It’s based on the books by Kate Atkinson. It’s about an ex-policeman turned private investigator. Yeah… nothing too original there, but the plots of these that I’ve seen were intricate and delicately woven together. You almost have to watch them more than once to catch every nuance and shade of meaning in the stories.

If you haven’t watched anything good in a while, I strongly suggest giving Case Histories a gander. You can still view them online via PBS’ website. If you miss them there, I’m sure the DVDs are available for rental/borrowing from your local rental store or library. It would be worth the effort. Have I ever steered you wrong before? DON’T answer that! 😉

You can always buy the DVD from PBS. You help support PBS when you buy from them, also. Click the pic above for a link to the DVD.

Happy November! 2011 is nearly shot in the arse.



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