The old man walks down halls cold as ice

In a castle beyond Time’s roll of the dice

Through corridors of dark and shadowed mist

To at time in the past when there was no bliss.


An ageless relic of battles long ago fought

The old man searches for that which was sought

In ages of gold when knights did ride

With it strapped in leather and hung from the side.


Down endless pathways to dawn’s blue light

The old man seeks truth as a means to sight

A common belief of which he still dreams

That good exists and unfolds in reams.


An accounting of life and the farthest reach

An old man’s search for facts in a breech

Of a cannon that’s loaded with volatile lies

To be lit by a spark from evil eyes.


Only fools search for gold in the ashes of fire

For a man who says he’s found it is surely a liar

When all is tallied the accounting is complete

And the old man dies with tired achy feet.


Β© 1992 by V. T. Eric Layton

About V. T. Eric Layton

vtel57, Nocturnal Slacker

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  1. comhack says:

    Very nice Eric!!!

    • Thanks. It’s kinda’ old. I was thumbing through the old file folder with all the stuff I’ve scribbled out since I was an angry teen. That one reminded me of some things. Thought I’d post it just for hahas. πŸ™‚

      Maybe more coming…

  2. I can’t see the full width of your postings with this particular theme, sadly. 😦 Especially since the top is so pretty…

    • Now that’s strange. Can you post a link to or email me a screenshot? I test my themes on different browsers while not logged in just to catch carp like that. What’s your screen res and what browser are you using… just out of curiosity.

  3. Sure Eric. Here’s the link:

    BTW: Your more recent postings I can see fine. Different font or font size?

    • There was something amiss with WordPress’ interface the day that I posted that poem you were having trouble seeing. I couldn’t post in HTML format using the paragraph tag

      without getting unwanted line breaks. I ended up posting the entire poem as pre-formatted text. Maybe that was the issue?

      I see that it made a mess of it in your browser. I may go back and re-do that posting and see if I can fix it. Thanks for the looksee. πŸ™‚

      P.S. Headed out to friends’ house to play in pool and watch Rays/Rangers game tonight. Won’t be home for CNI. 😦 Have to catch the rerun.

    • It might be better now. WordPress’ WYSIWYG is not set up for poetry, evidently. 😦

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