This is via MSN Health:

How America Got So Fat (And So Sick)

America is fatter and sicker than ever. We compensate by taking pills and going on fad diets. But the fact is that our fast-food, sedentary lifestyle is trumping the advances in medical science that have been responsible for at least four decades of decreasing death rates from heart disease. The hard truth is that whatever shape health care reform ultimately takes—one payer, multiple payer, or a combination of coverages—it won’t matter, because we as a nation won’t be able to pay for it. If we don’t make the positive lifestyle changes needed to halt and reverse the obesity epidemic now—today—our health care system will be bankrupted by the sheer numbers of sick Americans.

Hmm… couldn’t have said it any better myself. Read on… it’s pretty interesting… and sad. Food is BIG business nowadays, just as is treating sickness. Coincidence? I don’t think so. The greed of others is killing you in ways you didn’t even realize.



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