Would ya’ look at that. The ol’ Nocturnal (not so much these days) one has changed the theme around here.

I know. It’s not really big news. I do it every so often. It’s not ground-breaking or anything. But hey… I changed the theme, so I felt compelled to post something, hence this short aside posting.

Now that I’ve posted this, I feel better. I’m going to go read now. I’m working my way through Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon. FUN!

Y’all have a wonderful evening now. Oh, and don’t forget to come visit with me on Diaspora. I can use another friend. 🙂




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  1. Have you not anything else to do? 😉 Looks nice, clean and smart. Thinking of Diaspora, but I think I’ll rather cut the whole social thing out again. Too much to do now. Studying AND working full time again! See ya –

    • Oh yeah… have lots of other things to do, but like the variety of different blog themes. 😉

      And yes… I agree. That social networking does burn up a major part of your life, if you let it. I have not been participating at Diaspora anything like I was at G+. Of course, part of that is because there are a lot less folks in my stream at D* than there were at G+. It’s still pretty cool, though. 🙂

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