Oh my! People are actually cohabitating all around us. The skalawags; how dare they!

I woke this morning to find that my state government is debating the issue of all these miscreants sleeping together in the same beds without the required approval and licensing from BIG BRO.

From a TBO.com article:

There’s a crime spree going largely unchecked across the Sunshine State.

The crime: unmarried cohabitation.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Florida is home to 544,907 “unmarried partner” households – up from 355,946 in 2000.

Who decided that our choices of who we lived with or cared for or had sex with required sanction from the state? “Official” marriage was first instituted and shoved down the throats of the faithful by tyrannical religions and later taken over by secular government, which charges fees for its sanction. These fees help maintain the bureaucracy’s feeding trough.

The very existence of those laws on the books “strips away a little bit of your liberties and freedom,” said Workman, a mortgager broker from Melbourne.

Damn right it does! These laws are inane and arcane. They force control where none should be. Sure, humans are social animals who require rules to live by, but some things are no one’s business but your own. For centuries we’ve allowed religions and governments to dictate to us what is and what isn’t acceptable. The sheep follow the wolves’ commandments without much thought.

It’s time you started thinking.



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  1. Yes, I think it is none of their business. I realized it made no difference many years ago when I considered the fate of two people on an island and NONE of them were a captain, a priest or a preacher, or rabbi, and they could actually be committed to each other before God if they wished (or not). Just them, or just them and their God.

    OK, think I will just stop there LOL!

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