Inbreeding and Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy…

Posted by V. T. Eric Layton on Mar 31, 2010

…may very well cause this phenomenon:

The Hutaree Nine

I mean c’mon, folks. Am I missing something here? I’m a patriot. I’m a card-carrying member of the NRA.

I don’t live in a plywood shack in Montana and type up manifestos to send to the media. I sit right here in front of my computer and post manifestos all over the Internet. Weeeee!

Seriously, look at these fine folks in that picture at CNN. If at least one person in this group (probably the woman) doesn’t have at least one swastika tattoo, I’ll kiss your keaster. It’s a free country and all that, sure. We all have a right to express our inner selves. Hell, I’m a biker. People lock their car doors when I pull up next to them at the stop light. Still… I try not to judge others.

There has been an uncomfortable and unusual outbreak of violent dissent lately. It’s all in the news… threats against our President, guns being shot into politician’s office windows, etc. Something is wrong here, folks. Dissent is a good thing, but extremes of anything are usually counter-productive.

Sanity needs to prevail here. Keep the kids safe and watch out for them Hutaree dudes and dudettes.

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1. the oracle 31 March 2010 — The very fact that the name means what it does, yet these people are part of a militia is a total disconnect. Christ told his followers to take up the cross, not grab a gun.

The pictures make me think of some genetics experiment (in the vein of Dr. Josef Mengele) gone bad. Seriously, people like this should first be checked for levels of lead and other heavy metals in their blood, because without finding that, one can only conclude that the Universe must have conspired to make gross stupidity an infectious disease.

2. leftystrat 31 March 2010 — As a biker NRA member, you have to be especially careful because the mainstream media seeks to lump you in with these `kind folk’.

3. V. T. Eric Layton 31 March 2010 — @ the oracle… You said, “…gross stupidity an infectious disease.” Hell, I’ve believed that to be the case for years. 😉

@ leftystrat… You’re right about that, my friend. Bikers do often get unfairly lumped into pigeon holes that they don’t belong in. I’ve spent most of my adult life dealing with the stereotypes.


*This article originally appeared on my Nocturnal Slacker | Lockergnome blog. I’m republishing it here along with the comments from that site.

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