About 235 years ago, a group of pretty ballsy fellows decided to send King George III of England, Great Britain, and other sundry places a little missive.

Their letter basically said, “Up yours, George! We’re not gonna’ take it anymore.” If they were modern day pols, they would have co-opted some Rock & Roll band’s song as their very own theme song. Maybe this one…

When they donned their horsehair wigs, some of the Founding Fathers of this country even looked a little like Dee Snider from the group Twisted Sister that sang that song above.

Well, King George’s reply to the letter from the boys in the colonies was, “We are not amused.” He then sent a few hundred shiploads of his bully-boys all dressed in red to teach the fellows over here a lesson. Another George (Washington) got a few tens of thousands of his like-minded pals together to face the bully-boys. The end result was that the fledgling Americans did what they’ve been very good at (for the most part) ever since… KICKING ASS! The bully-boys went home to lick their wounds, King George pouted, and the American George became the first President of an unprecedented experiment in self-governance using the representative republic model.

Today is the 235th birthday of the country that resulted from that letter those American fellows stuffed in King George’s suggestion box. Oh, here’s a copy of that letter if you care to read it. It’s called The Declaration of Independence. Happy Birthday, America!

And a special thanks to ALL the men and women who have sacrificed over the last 235+ years to protect and maintain the freedoms and liberties that we often take for granted.

Remember, sometimes you just have to kick some ass!



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  1. comhack says:

    Another great post Eric!!!

    Keep it up!!

    • Thanks, bud. I haven’t been too active online lately, but you never know when I might pop in here and write some deep and profoundly thought-provoking articles. 😉

  2. New World’s answer…

    Johnny Horton- 1814 Battle of New Orleans

    I prefer the version above, but … here’s another one that is fun too:

    BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

  3. I think we do too! 😀

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