No, you pervert. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about being without a motorcycle.

Back in February of ’09, I gave my ’03 Harley Heritage to my brother so he could sell it and pay his rent. We were both in bad financial straights at that time (I still am, unfortunately). So, that means it’s been two and half years since this biker has had a bike. I’m itchin’ real bad for a ride. I mean to tell you; I’m hurtin’.

There’s my pretty girl. I sure do miss her. 😦 Ah well, I’m trying to gather my feces into one cohesive ball so that I can get on with my life and maybe have another motorcycle soon. It doesn’t have to be a Harley. I rode some nice Yamahas and Hondas before I ever sat on a Harley. Here’s a shot of my old ’85 Yamaha Virago:

I had a lot of fun on that bike, too. She ran like a spinning top. I only had an occasional issue with the #1 plug going bad on me every so often. It was a design error, evidently. The vibration from the front motor mount would cause the plug’s ceramic insulator to crack. I used to carry a spare plug around in the little tool bin behind the sissy bar. I rode the hell out of that bike. I gave it to a buddy of mine in return for some assistance replacing the head on my ’82 Chevy truck. We used his garage and tools to do the job. Later on, another friend of mine ended up with the Virago, but it sadly ended up in a motorcycle repair shop’s scrap yard shortly thereafter; a ignominious end for a decent machine.

Here I am on my brother’s ’02 Harley Dyna Wide Glide back in the winter of ’02. A friend had driven me down to Anna Maria, Island (about 50 or so miles from my home in Tampa) so I could borrow the bike for the week. Sadly, my brother lost this bike, too, during his financial hardships. It’s been tough all ’round for lots of folks this past few years. Unfortunately, I ain’t got a whole lot of confidence that it’s going to be improving much in the near future. I’m just hoping for a job (or a winning FL Lotto ticket 😉 ).

I’ve recently applied for a position at a local Harley Davidson dealership. I’m going in there tomorrow to follow up on the application. I would like to see if I could get into the motorcycle field here in the Tampa area in some way. Hell, I’ll sweep floors in the shop, if that’s all they have open right now. 34 months out of work tends to make one a lot less picky about what they do for a living. Besides, I’ve been a biker most of my adult life. Since my own career field (electronics service) no longer exists in this country, I may as well get into something I love… motorcycles, bikers, and biker chicks! 😉



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  1. Barnaby says:

    34 months? Blimey, how do you even keep a roof over your head? Good luck! I like your two Nocturnal blogs btw.

    • Hi Barnaby…

      Well, fortunately for me, the house is paid for as are my vehicles. I’ve been living off credit, charity from family/friends, and the odd job here and there. It hasn’t been easy. I’m not complaining, though. There are many, many folks worse off than I am.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I wish I were a bit more active here and at my other blog, but real life sometimes intrudes on the joys of cyberlife. 😉

      Take care…


  2. Barnaby says:

    Aah, that helps, so all you need is food and the bills. Not easy but manageable I suppose with the odd job now and then, like you said.

    No pressure! It looks like you’re quite active already. I’ve known your blog for about a year and will keep coming back from time to time. The Xfce banner you did is also very nice.

    Until later & best wishes
    (At least you’re already in sunny Florida)

    • HAHA! Sunny Florida is rather WARM at the moment, my friend. However, when everyone else in the northern hemisphere is in the depth of winter, I’ll be sitting on my porch with nothing more than jeans and a light sweatshirt. 😉

      Thanks for keeping an eye on my blog. I intend to increase my posting here soon… if I could just get away from that new damned Google+ thing. You can find me HERE on Google+, by the way. 😉



    • Oh, and what rock have I been living under that I have not seen your site previously? It’s outstanding! I see that you are a fellow Slacker and Xfce fan. You’ve been bookmarked and added to my FF Speed Dial Daily Blogs page. I’m also linking to you from my $ ls linkage page on my Nocturnal Slacker v1.0 blog (technical blog).

      And thanks for the compliment regarding the Xfce banner. Which one were you referring to, by the way? THIS one? It’s my favorite. 🙂

  3. Barnaby says:

    Cool, Thanks for the compliment and the linkage Eric, yours is brilliant too! I think I first discovered your blog on lockergnome through tuxmachines.

    Yep, Slackware and Xfce, best combo ever. I like Arch a lot as well but pinned it to an older 2.6.37 kernel due to the power usage regressions in the newer ones and because now I’m mainly using a laptop. So at the moment due to dependencies with glibc it won’t update anymore. Since 13.37 is out I have to say I’m liking it even more than Arch so no big loss 🙂 .
    Oh yeah, and the banner, that’s the one I mean. Are you using that as a signature on forums or just did it for fun and put it up here?
    I can’t use Google+ because it’s only accessible in the States at the moment. But I find once again that Slackware has one of the best communities with some of the finest, most interesting people that are a bit different from the rest and not afraid to think for themselves.

    One more thing re. my blog, I’ll probably be posting less frequently soon and do more reviews on other web sites, but you’ll find the links there.

    Have a good weekend friend,

    • Lockergnome, indeed. My original Nocturnal Slacker is still being archived there, thanks to Chris P. for that. And +1 for Susan Linton’s TuxMachines, one of my favorite sites. I visit there daily. My user name there is vtel57 in case you run across me there one day.

      Yes, that banner is my sig on Scot’s Newsletter Forums – Bruno’s All Things Linux, where I’m an administrator. Stop on in there when you get a moment and sign up and account. It’s one of the friendliest Linux support communities you’ll ever run across.

      I’m surprised you can’t get into Google+. I believe there are other friends of mine from the UK and elsewhere on there currently. A couple that I can think of right off… Thomas Medhurst (UK) – developer of Linux Done Right (LDR) and Tomas Forsman (Sweden) – developer of Foresight Linux. On my contacts page here is my email link. Email me with your gmail account, and I’ll send you and invitation.

      I haven’t been very consistent with my own posting here or on my technical blog lately, so don’t feel badly. I’ve recently received an offer as a paid writer for a Linux-related site. I’m considering that, too. If I decide to go for it, that may cut my posting here and on the tech blog down even worse. 😦

      Take care, Barnaby! 🙂


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