If you’ve been keeping track of the news from the fringe fanatics… er, I mean the faithful, you know that this Saturday is JUDGEMENT DAY, baby!

Arnie will be comin’ after your ass.

What are your plans for the rest of your life? Me? Well, I’m going to wake up Saturday morning, go out and get a carton of Marlboro, steal a nice Harley from the dealer and ride into the sunset huffin’ on those poisonous nico-sticks.

Have a great Judgement Day, y’all!



Image and other credits:

Terminator owned by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

Pink Get the Party Started video courtesy of Youtube

Rockin’ smiley courtesy of http://www.vvdrienerlo.nl/allsmileys.php

About V. T. Eric Layton

vtel57, Nocturnal Slacker

6 responses »

  1. comhack says:

    Sweet!!! Come see me when you get that Harley, we will raise Hell together!!!!!

  2. ichase says:

    I guess I need to pay closer attention to the news. Thanks for the heads up Eric. Not only is it Judgement Day…..It’s Armed Forces Day!!!! Enjoy the cigs and the bike!!!!! But what if nothing happens? You can look forward to 21 December 2012!!!!!

  3. leftystrat says:

    I dunno about Arnie… he’s got a few problems of his own.

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