Typical for Central Florida at the end of April; the heat starts getting turned up.

Worse than that, though, is the humidity. It didn’t seem to bother me when I was a young boy/man. Nowadays, the extremes of deep winter of sultry summer really affect me. I have this silly rule about not turning on my ACs in my house till May 1st at the earliest. Well, had to break that rule yesterday. It was HOT!

I pulled the filters out of my two little 5K BTU window rattlers and cleaned ’em all up nicely. I reinstalled them and fired those Photobucketbabies up yesterday about 4PM. The whole house was pleasantly cool and noticeable drier in less than an hour. Cool a whole house with just 10K BTUs? Sure. It’s a small house (probably about 1000 sq. ft. or so). It’s also heavily shaded for most of the day by all my oak trees (I have eight of them in my yard).

Most folks who know what my electric bill is every month hate me for it. I pay a high of about $75/month in the peak of summer (around August) and a low of $62/month or so in the late winter/early spring (Feb-Mar). It’s wonderful. I hear about the bills my friends and family get in their homes and I cringe; $300, $400, even higher. Hell, that’s more than my phone, water, and electric together.

I was never really a spendthrift, but being unemployed now for quite some time has turned me into a serious “frugal Freddie”, for sure. I never knew there were so many ways to pinch a penny. I can pinch so hard these days that poor ol’ Abe’s nose is just constantly bleeding. Ah well, it’ll be good practice for husbanding my resources once I finally do hit that BIG lottery jack pot.

Have a cool summer, folks!



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  1. lefty says:

    We up here in deathly humid Pennsylvania hear you loud and clear. It’s always hot and humid or raining.

  2. Randy Brown says:

    The furnace is running here! We’ve had a lot of highs in the 40’s. Sounds like highs will at least be in the 50’s this week. We’ll probably go from 50’s to 80’s. Welcome to Wisconsin! 🙂

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