Today I’m going to post a wee bit about my pal Leftystrat’s blog, Thermionic Emissions.

Ol’ Lefty was a veteran blogger from Chris Pirillo’s Lockergnome site. Recently, there have been some drastic changes at Lockergnome to how blogs are handled and displayed. I’m not here to criticize. Changes happen. It’s all in the name of progress and such, I’m sure. However, there are some who choose to move on rather than embrace those changes. I was one of those; pal Lefty here is another.

If you have a minute or so in your busy day, I strongly recommend a perusal of Lefty’s Thermionic Emissions. You’ll find a witticism or two, a few gems of truth, some irony, and mayhaps a laugh or three. Lefty is a talented writer who is the master of the rant. Check him out, folks. Tell him Eric sent you.

Oh, and don’t forget to leave comments… good, bad, or ugly. Lefty will field ’em all. SPAMMERS NOT welcome, though.

That reminds me… I need to change all my links and bookmarks for Thermionic Emissions.

Off I go…


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  1. lefty says:

    Thanks so much for the promo!

  2. The Oracle says:

    I didn’t think about it until I read those words veteran blogger , I guess I was one of those, too, having preceded his time there.

    Just wondering, and you can e-mail me on this one – what precipitated your move from there? Your stuff did not seem to be as much an irritant to the new order there as Lefty’s and mine.

    Are there any others that moved on, that I might recognize? You know that most of the content now comes from Jake’s staff of automatons, right?


    • Marc! I’m damned glad to see you here. I had just about lost hope of finding you outside of Lockergnome. I always enjoyed reading your output. I miss it. Where are you these days? Feel free to link to your site here. I’ll add you to my linkage page also.


      P.S. Check your email.

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