It’s coming down like the proverbial cats and dogs outside my window this morning.

It’s having a melancholy effect on me. It’s so dark that I need the desk lamp on to see in here right now.. Oh well, it’s spring in Florida. This rain is the tail end of a last-gasp-o’-winter cold front that’s blowing across the eastern seaboard today. Folks up north are getting snow. In the Tampa area, we’re just getting lots and lots of rain.

Everything needs a drink of water after a dry winter. Unfortunately, this kind of deluge is not the best way to get it. So far, the ground is soaking it up pretty fast, but if it keeps up, there may be some flooding issues in low-lying areas around here. I don’t worry about that, though. My home is built on a three block high stemwall and I’m not in a low-lying area.

The wind is whipping up out there now. I hear the rain slamming against the window in front of me as I type this. I don’t mind the rain so much, but the lightning and wind is another thing altogether. The lightning’s mostly an annoyance, but the wind can be damaging, especially since I have eight oak trees around my house. I guess I’ll be out there this weekend picking up all the dead branches that are being blown out of the trees right now.

Hmm… seems to be calming a bit. We may have just gone through the worst of it. The radar shows it moving over Tampa at a pretty fast clip. It’s supposed to clear up and be beautiful again tomorrow and through the weekend. I’m looking forward to that, so are all the outside critters who are out there hunkered down right now. My indoor-only kitties are oblivious to how lucky they really are lying in my bed, or their other favorite cozy spots, snoozing through this mess.

Well, I think the worst is past. Looks like just some patchy sprinkles for the rest of the day and evening. Good day to read a book. Think I’ll go do that.



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  1. chrisretusn says:

    Send some out my way. 😉

  2. PsiCop says:

    Rain, Eric? You’re complaining about a little rain??? Last Thursday night we got c. 3 inches of snow. And we’re going to get more, tonight. Yes, I know this is Connecticut and it does snow here, but April snow is extremely rare. I can recall it having snowed in April only 3 or 4 times in my whole life. And now we will have gotten 2 April storms in less than a week.

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