Springtime is a rider’s dream time here in Florida.

The weather is so spectacularly perfect for motorcycle riding. It’s becoming comfortably warm, without the intense heat and humidity of summer. It’s clear and dry. It’s just beautiful. If I still had a bike, I guarantee you I would have been all over Central Florida on that thing today.

I haven’t had a bike since the early part of ’09. Financial difficulties (my own and someone close to me) forced me to liquidate it at a very fire sale price. I regret losing her, but it is what it is. We do what we must in times of need. I’ve had motorcycles off and on all my adult life. I definitely intend to have one again one day… soon, hopefully.

When that spring day arrives again that I actually have a bike, I’ll get up bright and early on that Sunday morning and dress in my jeans, boots, and leathers and head out to my workshop to back that bike out and get her started. I’ll ride her on out of the backyard and onto my driveway, where I’ll sit for a minute fastening my helmet strap and adjusting the sun glasses on my nose.

I’ll pull that clutch in and tap her down into 1st gear. I’ll look both ways down my street and ease that clutch out while giving her a bit of throttle. I’ll ride her through the south part of town till I get to Highway 41 South, at which point, I’ll take a deep lung full of fresh springtime morning air and boost her up to about 65mph or so.

I’ll cruise all the way down to Bradenton, FL and then cut over and make my way home on Highway 301 North. I’ll roll into my driveway and on into the backyard sometime after 1PM or so. After rolling the girl back into the workshop and locking her up, I’ll walk back around to my front porch, where I’ll take another deep lung full of air and be very, very thankful that I’m there in that place in that moment and ALIVE to feel it all.

I miss my bike.



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  1. ebrke says:

    I do know how you feel, Eric. I’m missing some things I got really used to having back when money was not an issue. I tell myself I’m much luckier than many–and it’s true–but sometimes you do miss some of the possessions you used to take for granted.

    • Well, I surely count my blessings. There are those who are MUCH worse off than I am currently. I try base my happiness on the NOW, not the what once was or the what’s coming. Being happy in the moment keeps me sane. 🙂

  2. ichase says:

    I do hope the day comes soon that you can feel the wind while riding. This economy is terrible and so many good hard working people are suffering the consequences of bad decisions from the governement we elect.
    I say every day (yes litterally) that I am blessed to have found work after I retired from the Navy. I pray something good comes your way Eric and that you can be riding into the wind again soon.

    All the best,


    • With these gas prices once again reaching ridiculous levels, I don’t see anything good happening for anyone, economically speaking. I just do what I always do… take it one day at a time. 🙂

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