This isn’t one of those ground-breaking, just-gotta-read articles. It’s just a ramble about a typical Florida spring day and what I did with it.

I went to bed a little early last night, figuring I was going to lose an hour thanks to that silly DST changeover crap. I woke up nice and early this AM and performed my morning ablutions; whizzed, brushed teeth, washed face and hands, took meds, made the coffee, etc.

I decided at this time that I was going to spend this beautiful Florida spring day outside all day. I intended to do my start-of-the-season yard work. This was to be the first yard work day that I would be doing without my brother’s help. For most of last season, my health was so bad that my brother was doing most of my yard work for me. I’m EVER so much better now, though.

So, I had my coffee, scanned the paper, and out the door I went. I mowed the entire yard, weed eat’d, and blew the drives and walks off. My equipment all started on the first pull because I used proper maintenance methods to winterize my tools (must disguise snobbish self-satisfied attitude in the future).

When I was finished, I cleaned and put all the tools away. Then I started my second project for the day. I decided to pressure wash the filth (from the blooming oak trees) off of my old truck and my aunt’s little Dodge Decrepit, er… I mean Intrepid that I’m baby-sitting currently (it’s a long story). Wow! There really is paint under all that scum on those vehicles.

Later, after I showered up, I went to Walmart to purchase kitty-cat food and litter. As I checked out at the cashier in the Garden Shop (I do that to avoid the crowds), the greeter there handed me some little tomato plants in 12oz cardboard cups. COOL! Tomatoes are ridiculously expensive, for some reason, so growing my own might be pretty cool. The little guys had their dinner drink of water and are now sitting in the east window of my laundry room waiting for the morning sun.

Other than growing oaks, I have a black thumb. This little tomato project might be the start of something new for me. Eric, the urban gardener. Uh-huh. Well, what the hell. Stranger things have happened. I didn’t eat salad for 49 years. Nowadays, that’s about all I eat. There must be some folks in Hell tossing snowballs. It’s been that kind of year for me; one full of new experiences… some good, some not-so-good.

Anywho… that’s about all for my Sunday ramble. It was really, really a wonderful day for me. I hope y’all had a nice day, too.



Image credits: lawn mower man – courtesy of, plant and shovel – courtesy of

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  1. Enjoyed reading about your day – sounded really nice. So glad you are doing better and your story has caused me to be more concerned about the 140 bp I’ve been running for years – I always thought “no big deal – it’s just a little high” – I guess I really do need to worry! Thanks!

    • Hi Scott! Thanks for stopping by and reading/commenting.

      Yeah… I was always one of those manly-man male types who shrugged off pain, sickness, and especially doctors visits all the way until that tall guy in the dark robes with the sickle was seen standing in my doorway. He nearly caught up with me.

      I’m still very skeptical of the medical/pharmaceutical industrial complex, but being fortunate enough to have been treated by doctors who are nearly as skeptical of it as I am was a blessing, indeed. My attending physician in the hospital and my current cardiologist are both no BS straight shooters. Getting treatment from the right doctor does make a difference.

      You can slide by when you’re young on a lot of issues, but when you get older, they catch up… with a vengeance. Be careful with that BP and with what you eat; particularly if you’re approaching or have passed the big 50.

      Take care! 🙂


  2. […] couple Sundays ago, I wrote about some little tomato plants that the greeter was giving away at the Walmart Garden […]

  3. What a great day Eric! Can’t wait till it’s nice enough overnight for us to start our tomatoes, peppers, yellow squash, etc.

    So glad you are doing so well now! That is great news for sure! Get lots of that Vitamin D3 from the sun! 😀

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