A few days back I posted about my brother’s upcoming adventure. He was moving to Fairfax, VA to take a project manager position with an engineering firm up there.

Well, after a few bumps in the road, like no reliable transportation to get up there, he finally arrived there this afternoon at about 4:30PM. It was pouring rain and about 40F while he unloaded his U-haul trailer by himself (took 4 of us to load it Friday night) into a temporary storage facility. He did it, though.

Once that was done, he went back to his little hotel where he’ll be staying till they gets a rental home squared away. The hotel manager had told my brother that the rooms had “high speed” Internet access. What he didn’t tell my brother was that it was wireless connectivity.

Poor bro calls me a little while ago to ask how to get his Ubuntu to see the connection. At this time, he didn’t know it was wireless. He was plugging his tower into the ethernet connector in the wall. It was dead, though. Once we found out it was wireless, I told him he was screwed… temporarily, anyway. I found him a USB wireless adapter at a local Best Buy. He’s going there tomorrow evening to pick it up.

I sure hope his first day at work tomorrow goes better for him than his last few days did. Good luck, bro! I love ya’!



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  1. Wow! Quite the ride for your brother! Yes, sure hope things go well with his new job! He is quite a determined person! That is actually a sign of a person with a great character.

    Good luck to your brother!

    • He’s always been a “weeble”. Remember those little egg-shaped toys? The marketing line was “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.” That’s my brother. 😉

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