Still in the lawn & garden/springtime vein here at NS v2.0, I have to talk a bit today about my garden hose.

I went out into the backyard this morning to refill the water bowl that’s out there for the critters… birds, cats, squirrels, etc. When I turned on the spigot water sprayed all over my leg. Hmm… what’s up with this, I thought. Turns out that my nearly 20 year old hose had suffered an aneurysm. It had burst a bubble, busted a seam, etc. Poor thing. 😦

I actually started to cut/splice the hose when I realized that this hose was sold with a lifetime replacement warranty. Hmm… yeah, right. What are the chances the company’s even still in business? Are their products even made in the U.S. anymore? Well, I figured I’d go online and check.

My mother actually bought this hose for me via some satellite shopping channel from the comfort of her cabin in the North Carolina mountains back in ’93. She had it shipped directly to me here in Tampa. I still had all the paperwork and baloney that came with it. I looked the company up on Google.

I’ll be damned. The Gilmour company was still around. I was impressed. I was even more impressed when I called their 800 number to check on return procedures and a nice lady named Nancy answered the phone. She actually sounded American. *shock* Heh! On a side note, I had also called Sears Part Direct earlier today and talked with Sara; she of the suspiciously non-American accent and unknown lineage. Sara from Sears was also nice and very helpful. Just thought I should add that.

Anyway, Ms. Nancy at Gilmour guided me through the simple return process. All I had to do was ship them the cutoff ends of my defective hose with a note explaining what happened to it and its original length (they custom make the replacements). Nancy told me that my replacement hose would be in the mail to me in about three weeks. I can live with that.

It was a very pleasant experience dealing with a company like Gilmour. That experience is getting rarer and rarer these days. Oh, and the hoses are still made in Missouri, USA Cool, huh? Need a new hose? I sure do recommend that you buy a Gilmour hose and support this excellent company. Hmm… I wonder if they’re hiring? Nah… too far to commute. 😉



Image credits: Flexogen hose image ©2011 Gilmour Group


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  1. chrisretusn says:


  2. Awesome! You really don’t see that kind of service these days very often.
    Very nice indeed. Thanks for sharing that experience. Maybe your thoughtfulness will help them wish to continue it despite the economy because folks really do appreciate good service and value.

  3. ebrke says:

    Good to know, Eric. Always looking for info on companies like this.

    • Yes, indeed. Hard to find ’em anymore these days. 😦 I don’t smoke anymore, but for the 30 years that I did, I always used a Zippo lighter. That is one great company, too. They never failed to quickly repair and return any of my Zippos that I sent to them. When they were really, really old and worn out, they’d send the old one back unrepaired in a package with a brand new one. If every company was like that, they’d all be bankrupt in a year. 😉

  4. Patrick says:

    I like all my hose to be wearing stilletto’s…….

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