Spring is in the air down here in Tampa, folks. I’ve been feeling the warmth and smelling the scent of it all day today.

The lawnmowers are running all over the neighborhood. I also hear the chain saws and wood chippers as folks are out doing the spring yard work. I sure hope they read my tips on winterizing their lawn and garden equipment. 😉 I’ll be headed out to my own yard some time in the next week or so to trim my eight oaks and rake a few leaves.The oaks are already starting to bloom. I hope they don’t make me sneeze this year.

I love the springtime. It’s a wonderful time of year when everything wakes up and soaks up that wonderful sunshine. Everything is GREEN, my favorite color. All the birds and other critters start their springtime routines, happily foraging for fresh tidbits while taking care of the little additions to the nests. It’s a wonderful time of year, without the sad melancholy of fall, when life prepares for the big sleep of wintertime.

Another wonderful thing that gets started this time of year is BASEBALL! Woo-hoo! I can hardly wait for the Spring Training season to start. I want to see how my newly re-created Tampa Bay Rays are going to fare in the AL East this season. I’m predicting a 100 win season right here and now. I think they have what it takes to get the job done. GO RAYS!

So, anyway… Happy Spring, folks! Here’s wishing you a wonderful, pleasant time of it.



Image credits: boy mowing lawn courtesy of Pam’s Clipart

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  1. Awesome!!! Green is my favorie color too!!

    Our power went out due to high winds today and despite the rain it is nice and warm today.

    Course old man winter isn’t done with us yet. Supposed to be cold tonight and the next couple days/nights. But more nice temp comin’ in the forecast. 🙂

  2. comhack says:

    Must be nice. It snowed this evening for a few hours. Nothing major but we have snow on the ground from the last snowfall. I cannot wait for the nice weather to come back.

    • Yup. Time for you to stop spending all that money on them fancy computerin’ thingies and go back home to AL where springtime will be laying a carpet of wildflowers on the hillsides shortly. 😉

  3. comhack says:

    Yeah I know. Hopefully it will not be too much longer.

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