Can you believe it’s been 33 years? We’ve known each other for over half our lives now.

Of course, I haven’t actually seen you in person for 17 of those years. We were about as close as two people can be at one time, though, weren’t we? I woke this morning thinking about you. Today is your birthday. I don’t know for sure where you are or what your life is like these days, but wherever and whatever… I wish for you the happiest of birthdays, dear. May you enjoy many more of them, too.

Good friends.

Remember the car show and the Pizza Hut afterwards? Remember that silly Elvis impersonator at the car show? HA! Damn! That was long ago and far away, huh? Ah well, good memories last a lifetime… or until Alzheimer’s sets in, anyway. You should call me sometime. The number hasn’t changed. It’s just a little older, like us.



About V. T. Eric Layton

vtel57, Nocturnal Slacker

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  1. ian says:

    Reach out and touch……
    Make this world…….
    If you can.

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