Instead of creating the usual list of mundane personal resolutions, I’d like to create a list here of resolutions that would do us all some good were we to keep them.

  • Let’s all try to be just a little bit more tolerant of our fellow human beings.
  • Let’s resolve to take time to really consider and appreciate all that we have, rather than bitching about all that we want.
  • Let’s make a determined effort to help someone in some way in 2011; be it volunteering services or donating time/money to a good cause.
  • Let’s teach someone something; sharing our knowledge with others for their betterment.
  • Let’s all, regardless of our beliefs or lack thereof, try to remember to wake each morning, take that first deep breath and stretch, and really appreciate what it means to be alive.

Be a better person than you were in 2010.

Here’s wishing you success with these and your own resolutions!



About V. T. Eric Layton

vtel57, Nocturnal Slacker

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  1. Screw that! I wanna make more money and buy stuff……just kidding 🙂

    Nice post Eric!!!

  2. Happy New Year to you as well and may we all find resolutions that will help ourselves and better mankind.

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