Here I am in my room, kicked back in the recliner bloggin’ away. Ain’t wireless great?

I had one of those crappy days today. You know the kind of day I’m talking about… the ones where it just seems like everything you touch turns to feces. Yup. That’s the kind of day I had. I don’t even really know why. From the moment I set my feet on the floor, I just knew it was going to be a day like that.

It really got started when I made a small transfer at my bank’s online site. I needed to run to the store to buy the outside kitties some food. Well, the transfer went through, but the balance didn’t update in my account. Usually, it’s instantaneous. Not this time. I decided to call the customer service line. HA!

That was a nightmare come true. I dicked around with their automated system for about 10 minutes before hanging up in disgust. All I wanted was one simple question answered… did my transfer get done? Do I have $20 in my account to buy cat food? Sheesh!

I called my local branch next. Oh, nowadays they don’t give balance information out over the phone? What? Jeeeez! I know it’s for security reasons, but c’mon folks… I had my account numbers and social security number. What more did they need to confirm that I was who I said I was? In the old days, you could just pick the phone up and talk to a real human at the bank to get some help. Those days are gone, I s’pose.

A little while later, I locked myself out of my house and basically had to destroy my back door to get back in. Well, I didn’t have to destroy it, but I had a tizzy fit. Ever have one of those? You know, the ones where you just have to kill something. Well, I killed my door… nearly, anyway. I’m going to have to go door shopping in the next few days to get a new door for back there. Like I have the money for that.

OK, I’m done ranting. I’m off to go watch Cold Case Files.



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