… like email is killing the USPS or like cell phone have hurt the hardwired phone companies?

Makes you wonder, don’t it? I read THIS article over at Physorg.com earlier this evening. It definitely got me thinking; wondering what the future holds for TV, and these other rapidly passing technologies. Times they are a-changin’, folks. Personally, I really don’t care much about subscription TV in any form. I get my television from the air. I don’t know how much longer that will be around, though.

It’s pretty poor quality drivel, usually. I watch PBS more often than any other source. Thankfully, I have two very good PBS stations within range of my antenna here in Tampa. That aside, is the day coming when Bright House, Dish Network, and those other big boys on the street start bleeding red like the USPS? Can they diversify in time to compete with rapidly expanding online sites like Hulu? Again, I wonder.

Wasn’t really that long ago that TV killed the radio star. Things happen a lot faster in this day and age, though. In less than a decade, email and online banking has put the USPS into a serious crisis mode. The USPS is one of the world’s largest bureaucracies. It’s kind of amazing how fast it’s being brought to its knees. Can this happen to subscriber TV just as quickly? Broadcast TV is still hanging in there. I really don’t know how, but they are.

And while we’re talking about online entertainment, when are the world governments going to get on the same page about protecting intellectual properties, such as new release movies? It takes about 2 minutes with a good online search engine to find some site in Hong Kong or Madagascar that is serving 1st run/new release movies online. Sure. It’s illegal to watch that stuff in the U.S., but how exactly can that toothless tiger of a law be enforced? It can’t be; not unless the U.S. gov uses the China BIG HAMMER method and starts blocking offshore sites.

Americans don’t take well to being censored. I don’t think government blocking strategies will be the solution. So, what does this all mean to the plain ol’ folks who just want to watch their fav program on Tuesday night at 8? It means that the world just keeps moving on, folks. Your Tuesday evenings may not always be like they are now. Be prepared for change. That’s the only constant in life.

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  1. It’s plain and simple. Cable lowers it’s prices to compete. That’s what happens.

    Or they go the way of the Dodo bird.

    • They can lower their rates only so much and remain a viable business. The Internet servers have a lot less overhead. You and your hubby could start an Internet TV service for just a few bucks. You wouldn’t need a bunch of servicemen and cable installers, etc. That’s the big difference. When the online folks start offering the packages that the hard-wired folks do for less money. That’ll be the end of the hard-wired folks.

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