… for my health, my kitties, my family, my friends, fresh air, good food, and peaceful existence.

My life is not what it once was, and without going into details about the negative aspect of the changes that have occurred the last couple years or so, let’s just say it has room for improvement. That being said though, I’m thankful. I thankful that I awoke this morning and grabbed a lung full of fresh air once again. I’m thankful that everyone and every thing that I love awoke and did the same.

Life is nothing more than a series of unending changes; some for the good and some not, depending on one’s viewpoint. How you live your life is determined primarily by how you deal with those changes. I was never Mr. Positive; being a realist often precludes that viewpoint. Instead, I’ve had to learn to appreciate what is, rather than what should be. The realist becomes the pragmatist, I s’pose.

Aging has a way of changing priorities. Everyone has  their beliefs. Mine are such that I believe I’ll only have one shot at this existence we call life. One shot only. I try to wake every day and be thankful for each minute of it. Regardless of your beliefs, take a minute out of your busy day and be thankful for all you have.

Have a great day!



Image credit: pre-modified checklist – Clker.com


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  1. Amen (so be it!) 🙂

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