… a sick mind. I was reading over at Lifehacker earlier this evening and ran across THIS posting.

Pretty neat set up, huh? I was immediately impressed. I’ve been a neat/organization freak for my entire life. Hell, I even used to organize my toys and the stuffed animals on my bed when I was a wee lad. They say that an neat desk is the sign of a sick mind. I’ve actually had co-workers express dislike about how neat and organized my work benches looked compared to theirs. It’s a jealousy thing, I guess. I can’t help it if they’re lazy slobs. Right?

Here’s a shot of the desk I’m sitting at right now:

The Computer Desk


Kinda’ neat and organized, huh? Well, there’s also the regular desk where I do non-computer baloney:

The Regular Desk


But wait, there’s more madness. My workbenches out in my shop:

The General Purpose Bench


The General Purpose Storage


The General Electronics Bench


The Computer Bench


Computer Storage


There it is folks in all its insanity. Yes, you too can be anal-compulsive. I’m neat, but not clean. Everything might look nice, but there’s a fine sheen of dust and cat hair on most surfaces. No one’s perfect.

All that neatness… it’s a shame to mess it up by actually doing something. πŸ˜‰




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  1. Great stuff Eric!

    I used to be anal about cleaning, laundry, etc, then I had 3 kids within 4.5 yrs and realized that being clean was good and important, and neatness made life easier, but I didn’t have to turn every piece of clothing the right way and fold it just so and put it in the drawers just so, if being quick about these things would give me more time to spend with the kids. LOL!

    I guess for me, I realized I didn’t have to be excessively compulsive about cleaning and neatness to still have a clean/neat house.

    Now, I don’t worry about it at all….After all, people are more important than things. The days are too full as it is.

    • Well, I’m not really obsessive-compulsive about neatness (some would argue that), but I do believe in “a place for everything; and everything in its place”. My dad taught me that. That workshop in the pics above was his before it was mine. He used to keep it very organized. As a technician, I watched other techs (the ones with the benches where you could hide a tribe of pygmies) constantly trying to find stuff or losing important parts, etc. Their productivity suffered. Many of my career positions were “piece work” (by the unit). Productivity is very important in that situation… unless, of course, you’re independently wealthy and just doing it for fun. πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for reading and commenting. πŸ™‚


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